Liberia Ghana Mission, Alfalit Liberia Redundant Employees Win Legal Battles

By Mark N. Mengonfia-

MONROVIA-Liberia’s Ministry of Labour has ruled  in favor of the redundant workers of Alfalit Liberia thus mandating the Institution to settle their obligation of 56,050.00 USD.

The ruling was handled down by Ministry of labor’s Hearing Officer, Baikal  Sheriff.

Sheriff in his ruling the into the matter  based on the communication dated November 12, 2020v    that was addressed to the Assistant Minister for Labor stander Wolmba Sampson, the Management of Alfalit International conceded to pay severance benefits to the aggrieved and redundant staff of Alfalit  International Liberia.

According to  the ruling, the motion for summary judgment filed by one of councils for complaining  hereby granted and that  the defendant [management Alfalit International Liberia]  is to pay  the aggrieved staff  and redundant staff  of Alfalit  International Liberia an  amount of 56,050.00 USD.

The former workers Alfalit Liberia and administration of institution have been locked down in a legal battle for months, Atty. John Saah Nyumah of Global Law Partners and Associates, a lawyer representing the interest said in an interview upon receiving the ruling of the ministry of labor.

Communications in our possession addressed to Assistant Minister for Labour Standers Atty. Welma B. Sampson and written by Acting Executive Director of Alfalit International Liberia, Jerome C. Williams has it that  the Alfalit Board of Directors appeal for extension on the due date on payments of severance and benefits to the aggrieved and redundant staff of Alfalit International –Liberia.

Mr. Williams in his communication than said the donor[ Alfalit International] was reviewing status of Alfalit International-Liberia and all other affiliates in the world.

Following the ruling, the spokesperson of the aggrieved and redundant workers  of Alfalit International –Liberia. Evelyn Seagbeh appreciated,” it is good to test the laws” adding that during the days of legal battles, she usually told her colleagues that the legal ways was the best way and not violence.

” Some of our friends wanted use to demonstrate, damage properties of the Institution, but  I kept telling them that the law is the law” Madan Seagbeh said.

She praised their legal team represented by the Global Law Partners and Associates for legal fights which resulted into their victory after many months.

Speaking earlier, Atty. John Saah Nyumah of Global Law Partners and Associates said legally, the defendant [ management of Alfalit] have all rights to take an appeal but he said that he was convinced that the institution knows that they are in the wrong so the possibility of taking an appeal can not work in such case.

He furthered that the management consented and there is no objection or counter objection in the ruling by Labour Ministry.

Atty. Nyumah during the interview after his legal victory, called on the aggrieved and redundant staff  of Alfalit  International Liberia  to remind peaceful as they have conducted themselves over the past months.

Based on the ruling, the sixteen (16)  affected employees are expected be paid according to how long they served the institution. Some of the workers worked for 14, 12, 11, 10, 7,5,4, and 2 years according to Mrs. Seagbeh.

Alfalit management during the legal fights was headed by Jerome Williams who made back and forth communication with the Ministry of Labour, but when he was contacted to speak on the verdict he said via a telephone conversation that,” What I know is that we all were employed with this group and unfortunately, the group just turned off. So, as I speak all of us don’t have contract now; myself do not have anything doing. I am out of town trying to hustle for something to do.”



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