Liberia Gets Johnson, Johnson Vaccine!

MONROVIA-The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health has announced the arrival of 302,400 doses of Johnson and Johnson (J&J) vaccine.

Since the introduction of the covid-19 vaccine in Liberia, 86,288 persons have been vaccinated with their first doses. Of this number,  9,579 have received their second dose, according to the ministry of health.

About a week ago, there were public outcry about the shortage of vaccine in the country amidst the heat of the third variant of the coronavirus disease.

Speaking during a special press conference held at the Ministry of Information Culture Affairs and Tourism on Saturday, July 24, 2021, Wilhelmina Jallah termed it  as the greatest Independence gift the arrival of the vaccine in Liberia.

The 302,400 doses of J&J covid-19 vaccine according to Minister Jallah was provided by the United States Government through the COVAX Facility in collaboration with the African Union and the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dr. Jallah further described as timely the arrival of the vaccine as it will help Liberia reach the benchmark set by WHO to have at least 10 percent  of its population vaccinated against covid-19 by September 2021.

The J&J covid-19 vaccine were tested in state-of-the-art laboratories, approved by US FDA and WHO. The vaccine is being administered all over the world, including countries in Africa like Ghana, Rwanda, Morocco, among others.

The Liberia Health Minister mentioned that there will be no mixing of vaccine; therefore, only those who have not taken any form of vaccine should go for the J&J vaccine warning “all should steak to their vaccine because the trick you will play, will be against yourself.”

Though the Health Minister failed to state the effect mixing the vaccine would have on an individual, she warmed citizens who had already taken the first vaccine not to participate in the J&J vaccine.

“To those waiting for the second dose of Asthenia, we have assurance that by July 31, 2021 or the first week in August we will be receiving the 96,000 doses to be able to meet the needs of those who are waiting,” .

To Forster the early deployment of the Janssen covid-19 vaccine in Liberia, Dr. Jallah said the country has identified the number of persons per county to be vaccinated, especially priority groups (healthcare workers or frontline workers, elderly, people with comorbidities, and people who cannot physically or socially distance due to their work, refugees, and other).

Currently, Liberia has 5,442 active, 177 as compare to June 2094. The 1,121 cases in this month show huge decline in the number of cases as compare to the previous month.

Also providing the roll-out plan for the covid vaccine, Adolphus Clarke from health ministry said the vaccine will be distributed across the 15 counties and all those who have not been vaccinated will be accorded the opportunity to take their first dose of vaccine.

According to him, the vaccine will be administer one week after the arrival adding that “Liberia is at the verge of meeting the World Health Organization target of vaccinating 10 percent of its population as of September of this year.


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