Liberia Feminist Forum Host 2021 Convening


MONROVIA-The Liberia Feminist Forum recently held a meet and greet activity with cross section of young women with focus on share learning on feminist movement building.

Established 2014 during the Ebola pandemic, the Liberia Feminist Forum have a membership of 32 women from diverse backgrounds across Liberia coming together to advocate and create a safe space for all women and girls in the country.

The Liberia Feminist Forum subscribes to and guided by the principles of the African Feminist Charter.

The establishment of the Forum was inspired by the African Feminist Forum, following its 2008 convening where sisters from Liberia attended and upon their return begin the prospects of establishing the LFF, but it did not happen until 2014.

Remarking during the meet and greet held at Mamba point hotel in Central Monrovia, Caroline Bowah, one of the co-founders of the LFF said the event sets the stage for series of upcoming activities as part of its 2021 Convening.

The LFF is expected to hold its fourth convening for three-days beginning November 12, 2021.

The Meet and Greet coined “Shared Learning on Feminist Movement Building brought together young Liberian women from diverse backgrounds to learn about the workings of the LFF, talk about intergenerational movement building and resistance to movement building.

According to Madam Bowah – the event was also intended to pave the way for the internal convening that is expected to take place next year as such they are now accepting application from women and young girls particularly university students who have the minds of standing up for women in the society.

Similarly, Aisha Kamara Kolubah recounted that LFF is keen on providing feminist analysis to national development, socio-economic and other national conversations, noting that the post-Ellen Sirleaf backlash was a significant part of the conversation at the LFF third Convening in 2017.

She noted that before signing up to become member of the LFF, interested persons must read, understand and sign the African Feminist Chapter.

Aisha furthered explained that though there have been lot of opposing views to feminism ideology, the LFF has remained engaged, adding that, “one of our goals is to ensuring feminist analysis are used for progressive policies that are both a function of normalized talk on equality, and also an enabler of the advancement of the discourse, this we see gradual progress regardless of the backlash received, and this is evident in the fact that there are ongoing discussions on feminism at a national level and in different spaces”.

Speaking on the resistance to feminist movement building in Liberia, Elizabeth Johnson said the LFF has an intentional and political position taken to ensure change.

She emphasized that one of the foremost reasons why feminism is important is for the equality of everyone, regardless of race or gender, and that necessary to ensure that women have the same freedoms and rights as men.

She remained the audience feminists would always face resistance at all levels, but they should not be deterred rather stand for equality.

Leading the conversation on intergenerational movement building in Liberia, Naomi Solanke, a member of the LFF, said intergenerational movement building significant for the creation of a safe space where older and younger generation of women interact and share experiences on the issues affecting women, girls and marginalized groups, and organize in solidarity.

She further noted that the movement building is to also hold people accountable but in a more positive way, working with the lens of inclusiveness, diversity and intersectionality.

The Liberian Feminist Forum says it remains committed to the mobilization and engagement with the general public regarding gender equality and women´s rights through feminist education, programming and analysis.

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