Liberia Feminist Forum Celebrates Liberian Women

MONROVIA-The Liberian Feminist Forum (LFF) on Wednesday, November 10, 2021, launched its first Women Photographic  Series on women in rural and urban communities, with an intergenerational outlook. The series documents women’s stories of change and breaking barriers.

The Liberia Feminist Forum designed the launch as a storytelling exhibition focused on 12 of 100 women, who will be covered by the end of the project.

According to the Liberia Feminist Forum, the women served in exemplary roles and challenged systems that barred them from reaching their full potential. The documentation of stories is a recognition of their critical contribution to Liberia’s development.

The LFF says it is intentional about the politics of visibility when considering the framing of women’s labor in Liberia and globally. Women bear the brunt of care work, and in many cases, navigate between the home and precarious public spaces to make ends meet for their families. However, national systems that account for contribution to Liberia’s development invisibility .

The LFF is working to counter this and bring a deep feminist analysis to the history of how women’s labor, resilience, and intellect have driven Liberia’s development in organizing, advocacy, business, education, health, and so forth.

Serving as the launcher of the photography series Ma Kebeh Monger, President of Liberia Rural Women Network thanked the Liberia Feminist Forum for bringing women to the spotlight and recognizing them for their impactful roles in the community through different activities.

She said, “women are significant contributors in this society, and as the women go back in their communities, we encourage them to do more. For their part, the Honorees thank the LFF for honoring them and for recognizing their roles in society.

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