Monrovia-Jan-29-TNR: The Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Benjamin S. Karmorh Jr. has categorical termed rubbish, unfounded and baseless his dismissal which was mentioned in a press release issued by the EPA’s Media and Corporate Communications head.

Responding to his recent dismissal, Mr. Karmoh disclosed that the EPA boss, Professor Wilson K. Tarpeh accused and dismissed him (Karmoh) as Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) due to what the EPA boss termed as criminal misconduct. He said it is asserted that he led group of persons to disrupt normal operations and orchestrated an unauthorized takeover of power at the agency on Tuesday January 23, 2024.

“Let me in categorical terms rubbish and term as unfounded and baseless my dismissal which is mentioned in a  press release issued by the Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia, through its media and corporate communications head, which in my opinion, was written based on the instructions of  Wilson K. Tarpeh in his desperate quest to continue holding unto public office at the EPA in complete contravention of the Act establishing the agency as outlined in section 16 which gives him no tenure powers,” Karmoh sharply reacted to the allegations against him.  

He argued that Prof. Wilson K. Tarpeh has no legal authority to dismiss him when he should have left office before the inauguration of President Boakai as mandated by former President George M. Weah. He added, “As enshrined in the Executive Order 123 Section 9 issued by former President George M. Weah on November 22, 2023, as of 22nd January 2024 “non-tenured presidential appointees shall be presumed to have resigned as of the date of the inauguration. Accordingly, the most Senior Civil Servant at all Ministries, Agencies, Commissions and State-owned enterprises, shall act as Officer-In-Charge pending appointment of their successors” Consequently, Mr. Wilson Tarpeh had no legal authority to dismiss me three days after his resignation,” he added.

Karmoh noted that his bogus and illegal dismissal by Wilson K. Tarpeh including his attempt to silence and get at many more staffers at the agency is a way of cleverly silencing professionals and technocrats at the Agency who are reading the EPA Act with a clear understanding.

“We have worked with the EPA since its founding in 2003 with an impeccable and notable character which is an inalienable fact based on the record both nationally and internationally. The records of our service to the EPA and our nation cannot and will never be tainted by an individual like Wilson K. Tarpeh who is only desperate to stay on at the EPA even without legitimacy,” he pointed out.  

He at the same time called on the Government of Liberia that in the last 72 hours or more, the developments at the EPA instigated by a power thirsty individual like Wilson K. Tarpeh necessitates an immediate action to appoint or nominate an Acting Executive Director at the Agency to instill calm and order so that normal functions of the entity goes unhindered.

Mr. Karmoh added that the EPA is on the verge of a complete collapse if nothing is done to salvage the current situation under the aegis of Wilson K. Tarpeh’s who continues to perpetuate himself at the EPA in complete contravention of the law.

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