Liberia Can No Longer Return To War Days

Liberian Foreign Minister Dee-Maxwel Saah Kemayah has assured the European Union (EU) election observer delegation that Liberia, after three successive elections, is peaceful, and that the country can no longer return to its war days.

In a special meeting with the EU election observer delegation held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday, EU Deputy Chief of Observer Jarek Domanski pondered what he termed the fragility of the state.

In a quick response, Foreign Minister Kemayah said the 14-year war is a lesson for every Liberian, adding that there is no way the country can revert to its ugly past.

“There isn’t anything of fragility in Liberia. We no longer wish to revisit the senseless 14-year civil war. We don’t want to do anything that will undermine our hard-earned peace. Members of the international community have invested immeasurable resources in our country, and lives of some of our international partners were lost because of the crisis. We no longer wish to experience such a crisis,” Liberia’s Foreign Minister said.

“We know what happened. My sister was killed, and I had to purchase her dead body. Do you know how it feels to purchase the dead body of your loved ones?” he asked.

According to Mr. Kemayah, no level of position in the government can lead a person to cause chaos in Liberia.

“Do you think we want to return to those dark days because of a position? Because someone wants to lead the country and not through the proper means,” Minister Kemayah added, “I am not saying this because I am in government. Even if I was out of government, with the experience and the countless number of people who died in my family and other families, no one wants war in Liberia.”

Minister Kemayah said President Weah, being a peace icon who has served in many capacities, like the UN Goodwill Ambassador and Liberia Peace Ambassador will do everything to protect the more than two decades of peace in Liberia.

“The President envisions peace and will do nothing to disrupt it. This President, who was once a peace ambassador and personally assisted in disarming ex-combatants, will do nothing to jeopardize the peace,” he said.

Kemayah added, “In fact, he values peace more than the presidency. He cherishes peace more than the position of President of the Republic of Liberia because he knows that peace is for the entire nation, and when the nation is peaceful, he will be at peace.”

He said, “You all need to join ranks because the world is a global village, and we need peace. We are aware of the challenges we face. We have Ukraine to deal with, and we are aware of what is happening in Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Gabon, and so we don’t want more countries added to that list. We cherish peace and won’t trade it for anything else.”

Liberian People Are Resolved to Give President Weah a Second Chanceght way? Never!” he asserted. Also, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said President Weah’s 2017 election record and his accomplishments during the six years show that the Liberian people are willing to support his re-election bid.

“The Liberian people are very much resolved to give His Excellency President Weah a resounding second term mandate.”According to the Minister, the President will not disrupt the process because there isn’t any competition. “The electorate is giving him the votes, so why would he disrupt the process of receiving those votes,” Minister Kemayah said.

He added, “Only a student who is not prepared to sit for an examination would want to burn down the school building where the exam will be conducted. But this student, if I may respectfully refer to the President, is overly prepared for the exam. Despite his thorough preparation, he continues to study and prepare for the exam until it is finally administered on October 10, 2023.”

EU Deputy Chief of Observer Mr. Domanski, at one point, disclosed that seven members of the European Parliament would be in the country to critically observe the election.

Kemayah responded sharply: “I heard you mention that seven members of the European Parliament will be here to observe the election? I wish we had all the members of the European Parliament because we have absolutely nothing to hide.”

He continued, “The campaign is not just two or three months before the election. The election isn’t just on Tuesday, October 10, this year. For the President, in line with his core values and principles, from the day of his inauguration to today and beyond, every day has been about the election. He has been working, and he continues to work.”

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