Liberia Agriculturist Decries Corruption

By: Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA-A Liberian Agriculturist, David Taigbailee has disclosed that it is troubling, news   emanating from  the Ministry of Agriculture Ministry   of alleged act disclosed of Corruption by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC).

Recently, the LACC issued a release calling for an investigation of all of the ministers of the Ministry of Agriculture, something Mr. Taigbailee says, has the propensity to undermine the progress of the agriculture sector.

Speaking in an  interview Monday  over  the weekend,  Mr. Taigbailee said,  while  they are calling on the government  to divert most of its budgetary allocation to the agriculture and road sectors of the country, such information can stop  or prevent  the farmers  from getting  the needy support.

“We want  the government  to   invest   in the  soil, by empowering farmers , opening farm- to- market-roads, ensuring  that  farmers add value  to their products  that will be  marketable  for export, provide loans  to farmers,  this will improve  the country’s  economy, but  if  the leaders  with in this sector are allegedly  engaged into corruption,  it will destroy  the country’s food security” he noted.

Moreover, the Evergreen Agro Enterprise National Consultant said, Liberia can overcome such challenge if the government takes a radical action against any official who will be held culpable of   the LACC’s investigation.

“How will the government empower the local farmers with agriculture supplement, if those who are managing    the sector are under investigation-   it is serious?” he wondered.

Taigbailee said   there is a need for the government to empower local Agriculture organizations that have the technical know-how to assist local farmers to improve the country food insecurity.

‘’I am now taking this time to urge those at the Ministry of Agriculture to do away with corruption and  politics rather they need  to  focus on how to improve the agriculture sector as a means of   making  this  the country to overcome  these  challenges” Taigbailee indicated.


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