MoE Blasts NCHE

… For Allegedly sending Wrong Information to the Public

By: Mark B. Dunbar

MONROVIA-The Ministry of Education has put the National Commission on Higher Education to the sword for what the education house labeled as releasing wrongful information to the public.

The words of wars that are trending between the two education stakeholders of the country is in relation to a recently announced mandate for Presidents and Vice Presidents of higher institutions of learning to be Doctorate Degree holders in the country by the National Commission on Higher Education, NCHE.

The pronouncement was made recently by the NCHE through a release issued in Monrovia.

But responding to the information, Education Minister, Prof. D. Ansu Sonii described the information as false and misleading, information released to the public by the NCHE.

Speaking Thursday, February 23, 2023 at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, MICAT Regular Press Briefing, Minister Sonii said that the information released by the NCHE was embarrassing adding that it does not send out good signals for the country in the educational sector.

In addition, the Education boss said he regrets the statement made by former Liberian President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, that the educational system in the country at the time was a mess.

“I regret the statement from former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to the educational sector of Liberia saying that our educational sector is a great mess,” the education boss recounted.

The Liberian Chief educator mentioned that such a statement has a negative impact on young Liberians that are in school.

“It means that you are going through a school system that is messed,” he alerted.

According to him, the former President regretted her statement to the educational system of Liberia.

Minister Sonii disclosed that such a statement coming from the commission on higher education questions your credentials as young Liberians seeking job opportunities to better their lives.

“So, where do you carry your credentials after graduating from any of our school systems in Liberia,” he wondered.

The head of education mentioned that these statements that are made by us at these levels have to be thoroughly looked at firstly for their ramifications and determine whether or not such statements should be said the way they are being said.

The senior educator furthered that the education system of Liberia has gone under a hijack for a long time.

“By the grace of God, through the leadership of President George M. Weah who appointed a minister that is not a fool but has been in the educational sector since 1970,” he said.

“I have spent thirty-two years in the educational sector of Liberia in different capacities,” he bragged.

Sonii noted that the statement from NCHE has affected the lives of the youthful generation negatively.

The senior educator mentioned that many Liberians have graduated from various universities and colleges with different degrees and today they are working in various institutions.

“What will you say about the degrees that they have earned,”? He asked.

Sonii noted, “If we should take those Presidents and Vice Presidents that those not have the needed Doctorate Degrees from an accredited university or college, our students will not benefit at all”.

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