Representative Candidate Calls For Change

By: Emmanuel T. Quiah Maryland County

MONROVIA-A resident of Pleebo, Sodoken, in  Maryland County,  Electoral District#2, Mr. Thomas Nimely, who has declared intention to contest the representative seat has noted that it is time for a total transformation in the District.

Nimely indicated that this change will ensure improvement in the lives of residents in the county.

Delivering his keynote address at the 3rd induction ceremony of the Ben P. Russell Community Elementary and Junior High School in Mission Town Community, Pleebo District, Mr. Nimely said that it is a hard time that the residents to remove the current Speaker, Representative Bhofal Chambers.

According to him, the district has been underrepresented with no tangible developments being initiated by Speaker Chambers.

“It’s time for Citizens of Pleebo Sodoken District to see reasons and replace those who have been serving the district over a long period of time without changes, nor development.

Nimely bragged that his `quality human relations and engagement with residents can serve as an impetus for his election in the  District.

“I Thomas G. Nimely, son of the soil, who was born and grew up in Pleebo Sodoken District Maryland County have been living with my people, from the day I was born up to the present, and I have been a businessman who do business in my own district. But I want to tell my people of this District that I’m ready to redeem them from the hands of those wicked ones, who have been serving the district without hand marks to show despite all the support given. So with the support that I’m getting from the citizens of the District, it has motivated me to declare my intention and I know, come October 10, this year, I will be the next representative for Pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County” He claims.

He maintained that House Speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers who was elected in 2005 is yet to showcase any tangible development being initiated.

“ If elected as a representative, I will layout Pleebo City, build a rehabilitation center for at-risk youth commonly known as ‘Zogos’ in the district, and build a vocational training center, amongst others.

” This is the time for our people to understand that Dr. Chambers has failed the people of Pleebo Sodoken District, the breadbasket of Maryland County who spent 18 years without any tangible, so I calling on my peaceful people of this District to place new wine in a new bottle and stop repeating place old wine in new bottle”, Mr. Nimely stressed.

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