LFA, Stakeholders’ Engagement Ends Successfully

MONROVIA-Lofa County Superintendent, William Kamba has disclosed that the County is fully ready,  willing, and prepared to have its own stadium.

Speaking at a one-day Stakeholders Engagement with an eight-man- delegation of the Liberia Football Association, Superintendent Kamba stressed that the County already has a designated land site with all of the legal documents to ensure the commencement of the project soon.

“We have 50 acres of land with the deed that is also probated and our people are ready along with the local officials to make history “, he re-emphasized.

The one-day LFA and stakeholder engagement held in Voinjama City, Lofa County was among other things engineered by the Lofa County Steering Committee Chair, Momo Cyrus.

Speaking at the engagement, Mr. Cyrus thanked the LFA’s Delegation for the interaction with his people relative to the development of sports infrastructure within the County.

He said Lofa has talents and it is now time to support the talents of the youths of the County.

The passionate sports executive who hailed Superintendent Kamba for his hard work and cooperation to ensure the County moves forward in terms of Sports and unity also stated that the construction of the stadium will be a turning point in the promotion and development of sports within Lofa County.

“Our people will benefit from this stadium, jobs will be created and new talents will be discovered “, let’s embrace this good initiative, Cyrus urged his people.

“Even though the engagement with the LFA is just the first and many steps ahead of the Stadium construction but Mr. Cyrus commended all the local leaders and the citizens for their willingness shown towards initial discussions leading towards the project commencement”, he noted.

He at the same time encouraged his people to take advantage of the opportunity and work as one family and team in order to ensure the commencement of the project.

In response, the President of the Liberia Football Association, Mustapha Raji appreciated the LFA Sub Committee in the County for gradually improving the games across Lofa County.

” Unlike before, we now have the local leagues played in Zorzor, Kolahun, Foya, and other places in Lofa, This is laudable”, he added.

According to President Raji, the construction of stadiums by the LFA across the Country is part of the decentralization plans of the Football House.

“We are improving on infrastructures in the sector and this is the best way to go to help enhance the raw talents of our young people”, he told the gathering.

The LFA’s Boss who hailed local authorities in Lofa for the cooperation leading toward the stadium project also stated that the engagement is just the first of many steps before the main execution of the project.

“We have a long way to go, the process is very long and we have to ensure that we complete all of them properly before we can begin but the initial willingness by the local leaders and the people, in general, are commendable”, he added.

As part of the processes ahead of stadium construction, President Raji explained to the Officials of Lofa that there will be a twenty-five years lease agreement, deeded and probated documents to be displayed, soil test to be done by the technicians, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to be signed between the LFA and County officials among other technical issues before the project can take into effect.

However, he was also quick to point out the deplorable roads leading towards the project site as a major challenge that will hinder the project but with the discussions among the local and County officials and the LFA things, can be worked on, he noted.

As a sign of starting on a good note, President Raji presented football materials to the local officials of the County as Superintendent Kamba in a smiling mood appreciated the gesture of the LFA.

Meanwhile, the stakeholder’s engagement ended with the tour of the project site, the Voinjama Sports Stadium by the Liberia Football Association delegation and all local leaders of the County including Superintendent Kamba.

Touring the field, Mr. Raji said more work needs to be done at that facility but they will send in some experts to begin the process soon as the local officials of the County pledged their support to help work along with the team to get the job done.

“If you are ready today, our people including me, we are ready, we will roll our sleeves in a joint effort to see that we also have our own stadium like other Counties, Supt. Kamba further indicated.

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