Leymah lashes at Weah


Leymah lashes at Weah

Liberia’s 172nd day orator, peace laureate Leymah Gbowee has told president George Weah that he was not serious in fighting corruption and needed to put his words into action.

She made the statements on Friday when she served as national orator of the country’s 172nd independence celebration. Attended by five African heads of state(Nigeria, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Guinea and La Cote d’Ivoire), Madam Gbowee said it was about time for president Weah and his officials to declare their assets.

“Transparency is something that we heard repeatedly. Mr. President, members of the Legislature, the fight against corruption is not in words, it is in action. You must walk your talk. You cannot preach against corruption and then not declare your assets and keep it locked up. Show us what you came with so that in a few years when you’ve got two houses, we can know that you already had those resources in the bank,” she said.

Since president Weah came into power last year, there has been mounting calls by oppositions, civil society groups as well as other pressure groups for him to declare his assets. But he has failed to do so. His predecessor, Madam Sirleaf did.

President Weah has been accused of building several homes and acquiring properties in the country.

She accused Liberians of telling lies to enable them gain positions or favor.

“Truth has evaded us in this country. We lie to gain prominence, to gain positions of authority. Let us stop lying. Truth will bring unity. From generation to generation, our leaders have been fooled by religious and traditional leaders. Bishops have become partisans. Pastors and Imams have become praise singers. Traditional leaders repeatedly twist our cultural practices to please a powerful few, giving unmerited traditional titles. It’s time for us to bring truth back into the national history.” TNR

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