LETTER TO THE DEAD: Dear Great Ones In The Great Beyond

Dear Great Ones In The Great Beyond:

Wow! It is always the happiest moment of our lives coming your way with information intended to keep you abreast of happenings on the other side of life- the place you once traded your social, economic and political lives- for different periods of time as God could allow based on his judgment of your activities in line with the mandate he gave you. Well, we are glad to have you with us, hoping that life is treating you much better in your controlled areas. It is that place where most of your brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, especially the ones in good money-making positions, are not willing to go but are sending others by their bad and corrupt actions.

We wish to welcome to this platform those who have just returned home to the Great Beyond, having played their parts on this side. We are sorry if some of them are preparing to be sent to hell to face the unending blaze of fire for unpardonable sins committed, for killing others for riches, for stealing money intended for others, for undermining others to take over their positions, for using their wealth to rob others of their women and for robbing the entire nation of needed resources that supposed be used to build hospitals, schools, roads and other facilities for citizens.

Because they have just left from on earth, we are sure they were able to give the rest of you who have been there for so many decades the real picture of how things are, how your people you left behind are doing, how the government they voted to power is treating and the lawmakers (their direct representatives) are conducting themselves to put smiles on their faces, to put food on their tables. Well, if they have not said anything to you guys, it is good we say it now through the medium intended to pass information to you all while you also give feedback on developments affecting you.

Great ones, we will not leave from here if we decide to detail all the craps, all the happenings (be it good or bad) rocking your country – a country the likes of Samuel Doe, William Tolbert, William Tubman, Charles D.B. King, Winton Sankawolo, Ruth Perry, Moses Blah, and the rest of them who came on the stage of leadership are currently sharing the Great Beyond with you, handled the way they felt. Shame on them for leaving the country the way it is despite all the opportunities they had to do better, to do what their friends in neighboring countries were doing.

The worst of them is Tubman who used to ride ships, spent one month on the sea, just to sit in England, win and dine with the Queen while his country was like a dungeon. Please let him know that he is hated the most and any attempt to visit this side, if God should allow him, he will meet the wrath of those Liberians whose futures he damaged perpetually for failing to set standards, for failing to build infrastructures and for failing to put systems in place that could benefit everyone today. In fact, please tell him that the big, big structures he left behind are all ghosts because his children lack the means to manage them….shame on him.

For your information, your people on this side are doing well in their own ways, though they are facing the toughest of hard times trying to make ends meet, trying to put food on the table for the kids, trying to send the kids to school, trying to pay rentals and trying to move from place to another. Chey, to tell you the truth, the boat is rocking and everyone inside is fighting for survival on their own just as the Disciples of Jesus tried to fight for themselves. If you are not aware, the people who are supposed to seek their interests are the very ones seeking their downfalls. It will surprise you hearing that they put US$30,000 in the national budget for themselves under the smoky and hazy means when their citizens are scratching the grounds just to get $5 LRD. What does it benefit one if he/she owns the whole world and loses his soul because he/she was heartless when it came to the interest of others? Anyway, that is the people who claim to have love for the people, and when they provide $20USD for a toilet project in a community, they make it the biggest news.

Can you imagine this is happening in a government that came to change the game, Great ones? Do you know that a government that styles itself Pro-Poor (in the interest of the people) is allowing these ugly things to happen against the interest of the very people. Well, it is just a gist of some many unfortunate developments you might not even want to hear. Just to let you know that the very sons of the very people who cried in the names of others when they were in power, are the ones tearing everything apart. Poor country boy from the slums of Gilbratar in Clara Town is in the chair and is being undermined on a daily basis, with his very confidants cutting the cards.

Anyway, we just want to stop here for now because time is not in our favor. The next communication will be richer than this because there are a lot of issues we have to share with you going forward, and we hope you are preparing yourselves for the news you also promised to share with us. We are waiting. Those of you on the standby, who are yet to be sent to hell or heaven, please beg God to change your country’s story because “it kpeh-kpeh yaa.”

Thank you and have a nice weekend.


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