Dear Great Ones In the Great Beyond.

Thanks a million for the great deal of patience so well bore over the past year – the last time we came your way with both mesmerizing and heartbreaking information concerning the state of affairs and way of life of the people who left behind. If we are not mistaken, this is the very first time we are exchanging communication since this government of former soccer player, the one his followers named “country giant”, came to power.

Great Ones, sincerely we want to say a big sorry to you for breaching our side of the bargain, and thank you for continuously ensuring the continuation of this platform, which most of you consider the best way to reach out to you, or to keep you abreast of the various happenings at stake – the never-die political rigmarole that has never been of use to the country and people. We are humbly sorry, and we want to reassure you of our commitment to keep the communication gap wide open. Thanks for your usual understanding.  

We are quite sure that you guys are following developments since this new government of “Master Dribbler Oppong Weah” took the helm of power in 2018. Yes, time flies like the eagles do in the sky. But please do not ask us how he is running the state, how he is conducting himself, and do not ask us whether the 65.1% he received at the polls worth salt and pepper.  You will recall that he thrashed the government of the former ruling Unity Party- the government most of you condemned for massive corruption, ineptitude, nepotism, as well as gross disregard of the wellbeing of the very people (some of you that lost your precious lives) that elected it to state power. We have been informed that some of you, Great ones, departed the earth because of hunger, deception and frustration under the former government. Above all, some of you even departed the world from the Ebola Virus reportedly imputed to draw international attention, to raise funds to salvage the then nosedived economy which is yet to be revived. It might not be now because Covid-19 has added insult to injury already.  

Well, though that government is no more, its officials are shamelessly clamoring for state power in the next elections of 2023, claiming to be better positioned to lead after plunging the country in a near-irrevocable depth so difficult to come out of. Shamelessly, they are bashing the current government of corruption and failure when, in their twelve years grip on state power, they only focused on self-development at the cost of the very people they woefully claimed to represent.

Great Ones, is it fair, democracy or rights aside, to have such people running around, demeaning the current government when the country experienced the greatest turmoil of bad governance and economic plunder in history under their watch? Are they justified to think they are better than the cream of Liberians in leadership? Should they be trusted again when they failed to justify the confidence Liberians placed in them following years of suffering? Should they be taken serious now when they did not take their responsibilities serious during their time in office?

Judging from the current political machinations initiated by those on the other side of political divide, it is clear that your country, the one who suffered and died for, will not see the lights it deserves – the light of development, the light of good education system, the light of a wholesome-functioning health system, the light of corruption free nation, the light from self-aggrandizement and many intolerable vices on the ‘neck of the country’. This is true of what we saw happen to the likes of Samuel Doe and William R. Tolbert (both former presidents that showed strengths towards developing the country). Great ones, you will agree with us that politics in Liberia is not about reshaping the development   paradigm; rather it is about elevating the opportune ones from poverty to well-off lives. Some of you can bear incontestable testimonies to this narrative as truth. Baccus Matthews can relate. Charles Walker Brumskine can relate. The list goes on and on. This remains the gloomy mystery of the Liberia we desperately preach as our common patrimony.

Well, this is the first communication in twelve months. So, we don’t want to overwhelm you with everything that is rightly or wrongly shaping the national destiny. Of course, we can safely inform you that the country is not better off yet, or might not get better under this current regime that came to power on the matrix of “Change”. Rest assure that we will provide you with information you need to know concerning how your country is being handled.

Thank you for joining us on a very short notice. We appreciate your support to this informative platform designed to add to what you already know or don’t know.

Thank you and goodbye.

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