“Let’s Support The OGP’s National Actions Plan” -Eugene Nagbe Asserts

By Reuben Sei Waylaun

The Commissioner General of the Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA), Lenn Eugene Nagbe wants Liberians support the National Actions Plan of the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

Mr. Nagbe spoke recently at the official launch of the 4th National Action Plan of the OGP in Monrovia.

The 4th National Action Plan is the first of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government and it’s more feasible and it is transformative to bring the people to the government according to the secretariat.

The Maritime Commissioner General reminded Liberians that the OGP is a unique process because it ensures the transparency of a country and integrity. “The last time I checked we were about 75 countries and it’s an organized area to track key thematic areas. For example, the budgeting process of how the people can participate for their own benefits, access to justice, education how it can be prioritized, access to information,” Nagbe said

The OGP promotes transparency and accountability. Nagbe added “Our problems have been the implementation of our plans, policies and programs. The next step is now getting these stakeholders to implement the plans. In the end, we need national endeavor and implementation of the plans. The NAP is aligning with the plans of the government. The OGP’s NAP is the national catalyst of the government and it’s the responsibility to support the NAP.  It is good for the Liberian people.”

For his part, the Head of Secretariat of the OGP, G. Ralph Jimmeh, Jr said the process leading to the 4th NAP started in 2017 with an assessment of previous NAPs and recognized that some of them were misplaced, unrealistic goals and non-achievable plans.

“It took us a little over one year to arrive at the 4th NAP we are launching today. We had six regional engagements and three sectoral engagements. This NAP has 12 commitments, ten from government and two from CSOs,” Jimmeh said.

Jimmeh added “Thanks to the bodies that supported the process. All CSOs and the MACs of the government of Liberia.  With this NAP, we are very positive that Liberia can move one step forward.”


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