“Let’s Avoid Confrontation”

As the campaign for various positions in Liberia’s 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections rages on, political parties have started cautioning their supporters to take the side of peace.

Incumbent President, George M. Weah has been in Montserrado County District#17 political districts rallying his supporters for a one-round victory.

At one point in time, supporters of Representative Yekeh Y. Kolubah and people from the CDC clashed in District#10 thus making people think that political parties’ leaders have forgotten in a very short while about the signing of the Farmington River Agreement.

The agreement which was signed on 4th April 2023 in Margibi, saw leaders of political parties signing the Farmington River Declaration 2023 which is an enhanced and comprehensive declaration designed to ensure a nonviolent electoral process.

In the agreement, politicians agreed to speak to their supporters to stay away from any violence. It is in this direction that CDC National Campaign Chairman has kick-start the process of speaking peace to their supporters.

At rallies in parts of Montserrado, Mr. Eugene Nagbe appealed to supporters to ensure that peace reign during the campaign period. Recently during the political rallies of President George M. Weah in Montserrado County where he has been campaigning for a reelection bid, the Coalition for Democratic Change National Campaign Chairperson, Lenn Eugene Nagbe carried a message of peace everywhere the team went.

He, like President Weah has been preaching peace stating that without peace no one can practice whatever they are into. They passionately spoke about the maintenance of peace during the period of campaign and thereafter.

Commissioner Nagbe said, “The last thing I want to say is about peace.” He reminded the gathering about the 20 years of peace after a brutal civil unrest in Liberia. “We just celebrated 20 years of peace,” he emphasized.

According to him, the man they are supporting is a peaceful person and those who associate with him must also be peaceful. “The President is a peaceful man; we do not want violence,” he intoned.

He pointed accusing fingers at those in opposition of wanting to cause confusion liking them to team of footballers who are aware of their defeat and are willing to ensure that the match ends in violence. “Avoid them. Let’s avoid confrontation,” he said.

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