Let us Protect Our Peace

If we have forgotten where we came from as a nation and people, we need to protect our hard-earned peace at all cost.

Let’s ensure that the gain made so far is protected and the peace we now enjoy is fully protected as well. The elections had come and gone and it’s now time that we rekindle our ‘broken relationships’ and move on as a nation and people.
We must commend all defeated candidates who had conceded defeat and congratulated the winners. This is a true demonstration of patriotism and maturity to the highest level.

For those who are still agitated, we need to respect the will of the Liberian people and the National Elections Commission (NEC) that is a constituted body to announce the results instead of abrogating such authority onto ourselves by declaring victory.
It is only the NEC that is clothed with that authority to declare official results and winners. Although everyone has the right to get your preliminary results, but it doesn’t give anybody the right to declare yourself as winner which will cause chaos.

Our media community too must be very careful in handling the results and the issues that followed from the contending parties, and must also stop the inflammatory and provocative statements on radio stations, online media platforms among others.
We need to remember that Liberia has gone through lots of hurdles since 1979 and we should do everything in our best in protecting the peace we have in the country.

The war that ended in 2003 claimed the lives of more than 250,000 of our citizens and destroyed huge infrastructures that should have been great tangibles for Liberia.
The international community has since invested heavily by restructuring our security, our roads, and ensured that Liberia gets on the right trajectory, with the election of the first democratically elected female president on the African continent and the election of George Weah as president.

Let’s be cognizant that if we are not careful, we will go back to our ugly pasts just from these senatorial elections and the Montserrado County Electoral district#9 by-elections. The noise following the elections is too much that it must be handled with total care.

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