LEC’s Electric ‘Wire’ Theft Hits Morris’ Farm

MONROVIA-What appears to be a new wave of theft that has disturbingly hit Morris’ Farm located behind the Coca-Cola Factory Community, as some unknown cartel of criminals are on the rampage at late hours cutting the electric wires connected to the houses from the poles.

This terrifying wave of sealing the LEC wires connected to the houses has plunged the entire community into perpetual fear and insecurity.

Speaking to this medium Thursday, January 20, 2022, the Deputy Community Chairman, Mr. Sam Newton registered the grave fear and trauma this criminal practice has overwhelmed the community with; adding that shockingly, inhabitants are now being greeted in the morning with their wires connected to their houses from the poles are being stolen, and while thinking that they have no current based on power outage, only to realize later that their wires have been stolen.

Deputy Community Chairman Newton noted that due to the severity of the LEC wire theft, the dwellers are calling on the government and all related security to extend their night patrol in the community to bring relief to the citizens who are no longer at ease with the criminal venture.

Some aggrieved victims told this paper that the race is so rampaged because the copper wires are in great demand on the black market and that is the most driving force energizing the unwholesome activity. According to them, the criminal first started stealing the lightning rod then moved on to the meter, but then the trade became complicated since they did not know the meters’ numbers which soon discouraged the buyers to begin to play low on purchasing the meters, and now they have advanced it to wiping the wires from the poles and houses, something the criminals find as a very lucrative venture.

Meanwhile, Deputy Community Chairman Newton says while the community awaits government and relevant agencies to intervene in restoring relief to the people, he is also urging the community dwellers to keep a close check on such infamous practices including other strange unfolding developments branded in criminality and alert the central authority for its intervention.

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