LEC ‘Bows’

MONROVIA-Following  a day after the publication in this paper that there was trouble at the Liberia Electricity Corporation(LEC), the Minister of Labor has ordered the management of that entity  to  restore the 30 percent salary deduction from the employees and placed a restriction  order  on  Peter   Egbodor.

The management of LEC has agreed to all the instructions from the Ministry saying they would cooperate to the fullest


Labor Minister

It can be recalled that on Thursday, July 8, 2021, employees  of LEC embarked on  a strike in demand for restoration of  the abrupt 30 present  salary deduction without any prior notice.

Some of the demands made by the protesting  workers were the employment of

all contractors who have been with the company for six months or more, plus conduct an  investigation into altercation between one Jason Tuner and the late  Jacob Dukuly.

After the altercation between Dukuly and Jason, Dukuly died.  Since then, management has failed to carry out any investigation, a situation which  angered the employees.

Additionally, the employees  were  demanding  the removal of Peter   Egbodor,  Jason Tuner and Noel Walsh. These three expatriates  insult employees, customers and  demean them without following company’s policies.  One of  the situations which several customers have complained about  over the  past time

“For many times, we have asked  management to send these three people back, but they have refused to do so,” one of the  protestors said.

As a result of  these, the  minister of Labor, Cllr.   Charles H. Gibson had a meeting with  management on Thursday and issued the following instructions; management to restore the  30 percent salary deduction, Management not to take the employees by surprise on issues that are intended to affect their jobs and livelihood, management to adequately notify employees of upcoming issues of such nature.

In addition to this, Minister Gibson ordered the suspension of Mr. Jason Tuner, Executive Director, General Services and Compliance, and asked that he be subjected to further investigation into altercation between him and Dukuly(Manager, Capital Feeder, T & D of the entity.

To this, the  Minister said they will hold consultations with the Ministry of Justice and the family of the deceased to establish if there is a need to conduct an autopsy on the body of the employee. 

Seeing the  sensitivity  of the case, Minister Gibson  advised the Management of the LEC not to  allow Mr. Peter U. Egbodor, Meter Consultant, whose work permit has since expired on the compounds of the LEC in violation of the Labor Law of Liberia. 

He said    that Mr. Egbodor should not be seen in LEC uniforms, cars or premises until at such time a work permit is issued. No time was given for the issuance of his work permit.

But sources close to the discussions said, “peter’s action at the corporation will not qualify him to get work permit and his stay in Liberia  will be useless without any work permit.

“The first thing is that he has violated the labor law by working without work permit. In addition to that, he is the main person who creates trouble at the entity,” one person at the meeting told  this paper.

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