Leadership Crisis Deepens in SLCL

… As Madam Sheriff-Doe Calls for Intervention

MONROVIA-Nationals from different Countries around the world who are residing in Liberia, usually organized themselves into a group known as a “Community” to seek their well-being as a means of cohesiveness, their countries have embassies in Liberia.

That is the case with Sierra Leone, a neighboring country whose nationals are residing in all parts of Liberia.

But with their co-existence in Liberia for many decades, some crack has developed in the Leadership of the Sierra Leone Community in Liberia (SLCL).

On Tuesday, the President of the Sierra Leone Community in Liberia, Madam Gloria Sheriff Doe, held a press conference at A.B Tolbert Road Community in Paynesville indicating that she remains the legitimate Leader of the Community in the Country.

Madam Sheriff Doe’s statement comes amidst calls by some factions of the Sierra Leonean Community in Liberia, that her tenure has since expired, thus prompting a fresh election.

But she clarified that in consonance with their constitution, the President; along with other executive members of the body has a five-year tenure which is yet to expire.

“Madam Sheriff-Doe, this leadership was inducted in 2020, and up to now, this coming June will make us three years and the constitution of the Community speaks of five years, so legally my leadership has two more years but what are those who conducted the election on Sunday, May 14 are rushing for, something is happening that are confusing the thousands of Sierra Leoneans in Liberia”.

She told journalists that for the past few months, some members of the SLCL under the influence of Pastor Samuel Vand Sannoh have pushed for a leadership election contravening the Community’s constitution with the intent to unseat her administration.



Madam Sheriff-Doe however informed journalists because she does not want confusion in the Community she suggested to them that it will be prudent to hold elections following the general elections slated to be held in Sierra Leone in June this year.

But to her utmost dismay, a fragment of the Sierra Leonean Community in Liberia attempted to hold a bogus election without her acquiescence, a process that was foiled by the Liberia National Police to avoid violence.

“Look what Liberians and Sierra Leoneans passed through during their respective civil crisis that destroyed the socio-economic fabric, I am calling on the Sierra Leonean Embassy and the Government of Liberia to intervene to find an amicable solution to the ongoing leadership crisis. \

Meanwhile, when contacted, the disputed newly elected President, Pastor Samuel Vand Sannoh, said he is the legitimate President, owing to the election held on May 14 this year.

Pastor Sannoh, who was the Secretary-General under Madam Sheriff-Doe, disclosed that she was not elected but was appointed to lead the Community to a leadership election after two, and regrettably, she has served for three years making leadership illegitimate.

He indicated that it unbelievable for Madam Sheriff-Doe to describe Sunday, May 14 as bogus when she was part of those who set up the Election Commission.

Pastor Sannoh welcomed that move by Madam Sheriff-Doe to go to court but urged her to see the interest of Sierra Leoneans and stop planting seeds of discords amongst the Community members.

However, documents in the possession of journalists from the Sierra Leone Embassy in Liberia state: certificate of winning the national elections for the presidency of the Sierra Leone Community in Liberia awarded to Mrs. Gloria Isata Sheriff-Doe as National President.

The certificate was given to her on the 17th of June 2020 and signed by Aiah Mbawa, Counsellor or Head Chancery, and Eddie Massally, Ambassador.

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