LEAD Graduates Over 80 Teachers


MONROVIA-The Liberia Educational Action for Development (LEAD), a local group providing educational program in the country has graduated over 80 teachers, following the completion of prescribed course work for ‘C’ certificate.

Established in 1995, LEAD has collaborated with the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Education to train teachers across the country.

The organization, which runs several programs including teacher training, vocational skills training, school management training and community development has also partnered with several local and international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) to mend the gaps created by the civil war, which left an indelible brain drain.

Due to health restriction on large gathering, the graduation ceremony was divided into two sections with a first batch of over 40 students coming in the morning while the second batch of over 40 students came in the afternoon.

Held at the Annie M. Brown Reception Hall at the G. Edwin Bryant School in Supermarket, Japan Drive, Gardnerville, the two ceremonies attracted parents, relatives and associates of the graduates.

Assistant Education Minister for Teacher Education, Accreditation and Certification, Gayflor Y. Washington served as guest speaker for the first session, while Assistant Education Minister for Basic and Secondary Education, Madam Felecia Doe-Somah served as guest speaker for the second ceremony.

Assistant Minister Washington asked the graduates to withstand all kinds of temptations, since they are first parents to their pupils.

He called on the graduates to show good example, because according to him students are good at coping what teachers do in the classrooms.

Assistant Minister Gayflor encouraged the graduates to take-up assignment in rural areas and disclosed that the Ministry of Education is working on incentives for rural teachers.

He lauded LEAD Executive Director, Z. Elijah Whapoe for helping government produced ‘human developers’.

Gayflor also recalled how Whapoe helped trained school principals across the country.

For her part, Madam Felecia Doe-Somah said teachers cannot offer what they don’t have and encouraged them to prepared before going to the class-room.

“You must be prepared to go to the class-room. You must have what you are going to teach,” Madam Doe-Somah told the graduates.

“You must do subject verb agreement, if you must teach the children subject verb agreement,” she added.

She encouraged the graduates to keep learning and adding to the knowledge they have acquired from LEAD.

“Use your smart phone to build yourselves. It shouldn’t be used only for social media and photo taking. Keep reading,” Madam Doe-Somah cautioned the graduates.

The Assistant Minister also asked the graduates to prioritize their students’ interest, because according to her they are from different background and upbringing.

She noted that students have different needs and issues that must be met at different times.

“Demonstrate what you teach and don’t abuse children entrusted to your care. Be loving, if we want our students to be loving,” Madam Doe-Somah, a teacher herself said.

Also speaking at the ceremony, LEAD Executive Whapoe lauded parents and sponsors of the graduates for their supports toward their (graduates) achievement.

He thanked Assistant Ministers Doe-Somah and Washington for accepting to serve as guest speakers at the Eighteen Graduation Exercise.

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