Lawyers Are Pillar Of Constitutional Democracy


MONROVIA-Civil Law Court Presiding Judge J. Kennedy Peabody term lawyers as a pillar of constitutional democracy for the rule of law in a giving society.

According to Judge Peabody, lawyers are to deliver legal services competently, diligently as possible and must avoid any compromise to their integrity and professional independence.

Speaking during the opening of Civil Law Court for the September 2021, term of Court held at the Temple of Justice on Monday, Peabody  said that the duties and social responsibilities of lawyers to society is cardinal to the sustainability of our democracy.

The Civil Law Court Judge maintained that it is important to take a critical look at the role and social responsibilities of lawyers to their clients and society as a whole noting that some lawyers misinform the society regarding the law.

Judge Peabody says it takes the effort of many people to keep a society standing on its feet which is not something that can be achieved without having the proper systems put in place.

“Everyone has their jobs set out for them, and one such important pillar that shares the burden of the society on their shoulders are the lawyers,” he added.

He indicated that almost every democratic government today, would admit that its pillars rest on the rule of law, in this sense, every state advocate for the norms of democratic principles, which include the welfare of its people to uphold the rule of law and Liberia is no exception.

Peabody asserted that the professional responsibility of lawyers is part of a larger democratic understanding of law and justice hence, the professional responsibilities of lawyers have been directed towards defining and defending the rule of law.


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