Lawyer Eyes Presidency

…says better Liberia is ahead

By Mark N. Mengonfia-

MONROVIA- Cllr. Tiawon Saye Gongloe, President of the National Bar Association of Liberia is eyeing the presidency of Liberia as some group of Liberians home and abroad has launched what they call “Team Gongloe.”

Team Gongloe was launched last Friday in Zayzay Community, electoral District 4, Montserrado County. Cllr. Saah Jimmy Bombo is the National Chairperson of  Team Gongloe.

Speaking   at the official launch, Cllr. Bombo said, “Today marks another milestone in contemporary Liberian politics as we formally launch our organization named and styled ‘’Team Gongloe. Gongloe.’’

Cllr. Bombo said Team Gongloe is electioneering machinery made up of institutions like the movement to Ensure Liberia’s Transformation (MELT), Volunteers for Change (VOICE), Liberians for Integrity (LFI), Information Hub Gongloe (IHG) amongst other.

He indicated that Team Gongloe is a community of Liberians from diverse political, social and economic orientation bonded with the shared belief that “A better Liberia is possible.”                                                                                              According to the Cllr. with the launching of the team, they are of the hope that Liberia will be better than it is now.

Cllr. Bombo, a lawyer apparently has observed that Liberia rules of Law has dropped, but at the Friday’s event, the lawyer said they are hopeful of “A Liberia in which there is strict and  uncompromising adherence to the rule of law, a Liberia in which the  judiciary is fully  independent  and administers  blind justice without fear or favor.”

They are hoping to see a Liberia in which all citizens are equal before the law, a Liberia in which the Legislature make laws that benefit the totality of the population instead of the lawmakers and a select few.                                                     Like other politicians, Cllr. Bombo also sounded in the same tone as saying Liberia will be better in that which corruption is going to be a capital crime, a Liberia in which public officials are public servants and not rulers of the people.

They are hopeful of a Liberia in which the citizens are prime movers and shakers of the nation’s economy, not bystanders, while other (foreigners) call the shots.

According to them, they want to see a Liberia in which the citizens eat what they grow and grow what they eat, A Liberia in which the tenets of  separation of  powers, check and balance are strictly adhered to unwaveringly  by the three branches of government.                                                                                                                                                                        “Fellow compatriots and members of the Fourth Estates, after intensive search among ourselves and across the landscape, we have found a Liberian who for several years beginning from his teen at the University of Liberia up to his present age has demonstrates unflinching commitment to the struggle for justice, equitable distribution of the country’s wealth, economic emancipation and equal participation of people in decision-making and the affairs of the Liberian State.”

He additionally said, “This fellow countryman of ours is none other than Counsellor Tiawon Saye Waamu Paulleapa Gongloe.”

As it is now, the group has not announced any political institution they will affiliate with, but Cllr. Bombo said they are open for collaboration with those he called ‘Likeminded’ Liberians including social, political and economic groupings in the vanguard for a Liberia that he said will once again find its place in the comity of nations.



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