LAWSUIT HANGS OVER PRESIDENT WEAH …As EFFL Describes Executive Order As A Mere Bluff


By: Perry B. Zordyu


MONROVIA-The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia, (EFF) has filed a lawsuit against the President of the Republic of Liberia, George Manneh Weah.

According to the newly registered Political Party in Liberia, the crust of its lawsuit is the alleged violations of the people’s rights.

According to EFF, Liberia is on a terrible path, because the country’s governing process has been marred by horrific leadership deficit from the hands of people who were trusted with power in 2018.

The group said Liberia has been experiencing democratic abortion under the Regime of President Weah.

It claimed that under the Regime of the former Soccer Legend, democracy has been replaced by rebellious and belligerent activities by State Actors.

Speaking, during a press conference on Monday, March 27, 2023, at its Office in Congo Town, the Commander-in-Chief, (CIC) of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia, Emmanuel Gonqui said, Liberia is known for its democratic values, and diplomacy, and there is no way possible that the democracy the people of Liberia enjoyed over decades can be replaced hostile governance activities.

“A few weeks ago, the President of Liberia was illegally advised by his incompetent teams who have disrespected the only organic law of Liberia”. The CIC of EFFL asserted.

He furthered that the proclamation by the Liberian Head of State ordering that all public Officials resign on or before April 7 this year before running for any Legislative Seat, was a constitutional violation.

“It was from this background that the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia, through its legal team challenged the President’s Executive Order before the Honorable Supreme Court of Liberia”. Commander in Chief of EFFL Emmanuel Gonqui added.

Meanwhile, the group is also optimistic that its quest before the Highest Court will be given a due process to trash the President’s Executive Order.

He maintained that the code of conduct is a clear manifestation that all can see and understand. ” Any person wanting to contest a post should resign one year before the election and that the person should send a notification to the. National Elections Commission”. He quoted.

The Head of the EFFL believes that issuing an Executive Order with just seven months before

Emmanuel Gonqui argued, at no time that the Executive Order supersedes the Organic Law of any given democratic society.

“If you live in a regime that does not see the significance of democracy, and leaders become indiscipline, violence can be welcomed, and it is also part of democracy”. Emmanuel Gonqui lamented.




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