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MONROVIA-President George Weah’s Special Envoy and Advisor has threatened to file a lawsuit against the General Manager of Ableejay Media & Consultancy Incorporated in Buchanan for what he termed as character assassination.

Dr. Lawrence Bropleh said, for too long people have been tarnishing his reputation but this will not go with impunity.

The Grand Bassa Board of Trustee Director maintained that though it is the duty of Mr. Tiah as a Journalist to counter-check information but was done unprofessionally and has the tendency of derailing his high-earned character which according to Dr. Bropleh said he has built over 30 years.

“We will not tolerate anyone or any media house and will not allow unsubstantiated claim about the university or me as Chairman of the board in a negative perspective that will make our college looks unstable due to disinformation,” Dr. Bropleh added.

He further stated, “With all of the journalistic training and with the help of the ABC method, manager Tiah disrespected and throw out the ethics and code of conduct and not even adhering to all forms of journalistic practices but to sit and falsely accused him and misled the public shows that he lacks credibility and can no longer be trusted in the media.” he maintained.

Dr. Bropleh who is also a seasoned lawyer and man of the Gospel lamented that a lawsuit awaits Mr. Elton Tiah for what he terms as bringing his character public disrepute and misinformation to the public.

The Gospel Preacher and lawyer claimed that Mr. Tiah on his famous platform, “The Dumboy Show,” said a Toyota Highlander SUV Black given to the college by the President was a used vehicle that was bought from him and as such said money spent should be restituted.

“I have never owned a Toyota Highlander SUV Black with all of the diplomatic relations I have and build with countries, I have never even ridden said car. I will not let go of this one because it taints my character and Mr. Elton Tiah and Ableejay Incorporated lied to me and as such, I will file a liable sue against him and we will have our days in court very soon,” Dr. Bropleh said.

But when contacted, Manager Elton Tiah said it is a scare tactic adding that Dr. Bropleh and the school knows exactly the hidden truth and he is prepared to go in any legal battle.

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