“Lawmakers Lack Understanding”

By: Perry B. Zordyu

Liberia’s Vice President, Jewel Howard-Taylor has expressed disappointment in members of the National Legislature for what she termed as a lack of understanding in that august body.

Vice President Howard-Taylor said since her 15 years in Parliament, the Legislature has failed to understand each other stating that political decisions are beyond the Capitol Building.

Jewel Howard-Taylor maintained that with her ascendancy and with more than 15 years of experience, there has not been any collective voice among legislative members.

“My disappointment I have is with more than 15 years of experience in the Legislature, there is absolutely no understanding, no collective voice in the people’s trusted lawmakers. The Legislature lacks understanding and this time around all elected Legislators must have a single ideology in fostering the government’s agenda for a prosperous nation,” she said.

The Vice Presidential Candidate who is seeking her second term on the Coalition for Democratic Change ticket in the runoff elections, stressed the need for oneness among Liberians especially the newest members entering Parliament to bring out that fresh idea that will make an enabling environment for all rather than speaking about ills that could hamper and jeopardize the country’s bilateral ties with counterparts.

“You cannot criticize without giving a solution. Criticism is good but constructive criticism is much better. After you criticized, make a recommendation instead of undermining the peace of our country. There is no time for separation, let us not allow politics to divide us as a people. Liberia is just 43,000 square miles and we should be able to conduct ourselves and understand regardless of our various political affiliations,” VP Taylor added.

Speaking at the endorsement of the Collaborating Political Parties to CDC, the Liberian Vice President reminded the audience of the civil unrest affecting cross-section of government not to rethink such a chaotic scene. She spoke recently at the CPP endorsement ceremony in Sinkor recently.

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