Lawmaker to boycott President’s address


By Mark N. Mengonfia

A lawmaker from district number ten, Yekeh Kolubah has said he would not attend the gathering due to what he termed a speech of a corrupt leader.

Every year, the forth working Monday of each year, the president addressee the nation on past activities and upcoming programs for the country.

It is in line with the constitution of Liberia. Article 58 of the 1986 constitution of Liberia states says it.

President George Weah is expected to address the nation on the state of affairs at 16 hour GMT.

In a telephone interview with Montserrado County district number ten Representative, Yekeh Y. Kolubah has pronounced that he will not allow himself to sit under a president he described as ” corrupt”.

The Montserrado  lawmaker said; “what I am I going to do in that place? what difference is the president expected to say? I am not going there because the place is even going to carry his cheering squad”.

“The president is very corrupt. Until he can account for the 16 billions and other national issues, he and I can not sit under the same roof.”

Other lawmakers have as well planned not to attend the national even, although they have refused to come public on the issue.

” How can you stay away when he in fact you are not going to hear what the president has to say” Joseph Kerkulah, a Liberian said.

Additionally, some Liberians spoken to about the planned actions of some members of the Legislature to boycott the national event said that if those lawmakers have any problems with the president of Liberia, they should have expressed that in another way and not by staying away from the State of the Nation address.

Other Liberians have also said that they are expecting from their president quick solutions to the current’ hardship’ Liberians are faced with.

Since the inception of president George M. Weah, the country has been faced with series of protestations ranging from increase in prices of major commodities to include gasoline, rice, among others.



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