Land Dispute At Omega Market

MONROVIA-Tension has intensified at the Omega Market between the United Marketers Association and Authority of the Ministry of Public Works over a land that were previously given to the marketers   for the construction of their stores.

Speaking to our Reporter who visited the area, over  the weekend,  the secretary of the United Marketers Association, Francis Keey alleged  that  Public Works Minister Ruth Coker-Collins  along  with some securities moved on their premises  and began  to run lines  and engaged  in  destroying   their building project.

“They came  and started running a line  and then  they told us to leave  this place , in doing  so,  they came into our project, 40 feet  so we decided  to use  the media  to inform  the president  on what  is going on  at this omega market” he said.

According  to him,  they will resist  any attempt   for  the Ministry  of Public Works  to   forcefully  remove  them without going  in line  with  the agreement

Mr. Keey further said they have planted sixty pillars and mats   at their project that have been constructed upon by the Public Workers staff and the security.

According  to him,  the Authority  of the Liberia Marketing Association and that of the Ministry of  Public Workers  gave  them two lots   of land  for  the  Association   to construct  their stores .

He alleged that their land was given to some foreigners who indicated that they purchased five acres of land from the government at the omega market.

Mr. Keey told our reporter  that   when  the Minister and  the foreigners  who allegedly     purchased  the land  were running  their land , the Minister of State for presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill  came  to their call  and  intervened  into  the matter .

“Minister McGill  and  us, including  the Minister of Public Works , the discussion  we went into clearly states  that  they were going  to give us four hundred begs  of cement  and our  other materials that we used  for  our project  and some cash but we have not come out with any documentation  and we saw  arm men  and some other people came  and they were digging our areas and threaten   to beat  on use “he said.

Mr.Keey  further said ,  they will resist any attempt  for  the Ministry of Public Works  to forcefully remove  them  without meeting up with  the agreement during  the meeting with  the Minister of State for presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill.

“We are Liberians, we are willing to contribute to the transformation   of our country but some of those Liberians who are in power are suppressing their own Liberians for foreigners, how will our country develop” he noted.

Mr. Keey used the interview to call on President George Weah to intervene for a peaceful settlement over the land dispute with in the omega market community.

“We took loan to invest into this project and see what   the Public Works Ministry is doing   to us, after  they did  the soil test,  the Land Authority came  and did  the survey  and we stated our project only at  the end  for  the minister  and  those  foreigners to come and say  they own  this land , we will not take it” he said.

He said   those who are at the front of President George Weah mandate to give the marketers a decent place for their businesses    are not going in line with the president’s vision.

When engaged the Ministry of Public Work Project Supervisor refuse to be recorded and event told the marketers not to speak   to the press investigation continues.

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