Lady Suffers Ulcerated Breast Cancer

By Mark B. Dumbar

A young lady believed to be in her mid20s has been diagnosed with an Ulcerated breast cancer by doctors at the Rainbow Hospital. Gayduo Wolobah has been battling the brest cancer for over eight months according to her brother, Kolubah Zayzay, a Liberian Journalist.

Zayzay confirmed the severity of the breast cancer being experienced by his little sister saying that she is in need of urgent medical attention to save her life. Her brother who is a media practitioner is appealing to philanthropy organization, individuals of good will, and the general public to assist her ailing sister, Gayduo Wolobah, who has been battling this sickness for eight months.

In an exclusive interview, Kolubah Zayzay disclosed that his sister urgently needs financial help to ensure that she gets medical help. He furthered that doctors at the Rainbow Medical Center are requesting US$350 to begin treatment.

According to him, Madam Gayduo Wolobah has been diagnosed by doctors at the Rainbow Hospital with Ulcerated breast cancer that needs immediate medical attention.

Kolubah said his sister is not only diagnosed with Ulcerated breast cancer but other health complications. He added that his family is struggling to raise the US$350 for his sister to seek medical treatment at the Rainbow Hospital.

At the same time, the family is appealing to individuals of good will, politicians, stakeholders, government officials, and philanthropists to come to their aid as their sister is developing a urinary problem.

He disclosed that his sister just lost her only daughter in an accident, who left her with three grandchildren. Kolubah mentioned that they are doing everything possible to raise the amount to help others in the process.

A resident of SD Cooper Road, Kolubah says, “I’m doing everything possible to ensure that we raise this money but it is difficult to get that amount.”

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