LACRA Bong County Branch Reportedly Abandoned?

By: Patrick Stephen Tokpah

BONG – Following a day-long tour at the facility of the Liberia Agriculture Commodity Regulatory Agency (LACRA)  in Bong County it was gathered that the entity’s Bong County branch has been completely abandoned by its management headed by Dr. John Flomo and is now in a deplorable condition.

During the tour our reporter observations and findings indicated that the LACRA Bong County facility edifice has been completely taken over by overgrown grass; the present condition of the area seems to be very deplorable as the machine or equipment that are meant for the production of palm oil have been eaten up by rust; worse of all the entity’s compound is full of horrible and terrifying scenes which makes it very difficult for one to even breathe fresh air when they are passing through the confines of the agency.

The only security personnel who was hired by the entity has refused to continue to serve guard on the facility’s edifice, because of the alleged refusal of LACRA executive to pay, thus causing him to abandon LACRA office in the County.

According to him, upon the operation of LACRA in full swing in the county, it would support local productivity in Bong County and as part of its scope, will bring an increment in the production of palm oil and other Agricultural Commodities in the County and Liberia by extension.

Some years back LACRA embarked on an assessment tour and galvanized some local farmers who had the sole desire of working with the entity but on the contrary such vision or dream have been thwarted thus leaving local farmers and local oil palm producers into uncertainty after they were given hope by LACRA heads over the creation of jobs in the County.

LACRA was established in 2016 to replace the Liberian Produce Marketing Corporation (LPMC) as defined in chapter 57 of the Executive law of 1973 to promote the production, processing, and marketing of high-quality Agricultural Commodities, particularly.

At which Representative Edward W. Karfiah of Bong County District #5 had written the plenary of the House of Representatives, seeking the indulgence to amend the act of the Liberia Agriculture Commodity Regulatory Agency (LACRA) of 2016.

The act upon its amendment gives, LACRA the power to market and or export cocoa or coffee was done during LPMC days.

The recommended amended Act created to its according to its crafter creates thereto sub-section 8.3 which seeks to establish the entity’s authority for purchasing various Agriculture Commodities in the Liberian market.

LACRA is mandated by law to serve as the regulator of all Agricultural trade, particularly those involving cocoa, coffee, and oil palm.

In the past, LPMC had the power to market and export cocoa beans from Liberia thus generating millions of dollars.

However, all efforts exerted by our correspondent, to ascertain the views of Dr. John Flomo  to provide information to the reported abandonment of the facilities were unsuccessful.

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