Lack of Law Enforcement Presence In Sinoe County Worries Rep. Wiah

GREENVILLLE- Sinoe County District two Representative, Samson Wiah is troubled by the absence of law enforcement officers in his district.
The Sinoe County District two lawmaker spoke Saturday August 7, 2021 during an interview in which he frowned at the May trial by ordeal incident in his district which led to violence activities including the destruction of properties.

Making specific reference to Jaedepo statutory district, a populated district, but without a single National security presence, Representative Wiah attributed the continuous lawlessness in the area to the lack of safety and protection for his people due to the unavailability of trained law enforcement officers.
He said the people of his district are peaceful but very vulnerable now due to the lack of State security presence, adding, “I am really worried.”

According to him his people have been going through said situation for long time stressing that it is time for swift intervention to help address the situation.
He used the occasion to call on the executive through Police inspector General, Patrick Sudue to see the need to provide manpower mainly trained police officers in the district he controls as a lawmaker.

At the same time he encouraged his people to always be law abiding citizens other than engaging into violence which is not the best way out for maintaining and sustaining the peace process of the Country.
He said the practice which has been ongoing for a very long time now even though legally forbidden and unacceptable requires some time to be addressed.

Jaedepo statutory district including district two Sinoe County like other districts across Liberia is heavily challenged especially with the lack of security presence, insecurity related issues, the increase in crime rates and violence activities among the youths , hardship, poor health care facility as well as bad road conditions among others are pressing issues the people in rural Liberia are confronted with and requires urgent attention and intervention from both local and central government respectively.

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