By: Washington Tumay Watson

MONROVIA-The former Chairperson of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin has challenged his removal by President George Weah.

Cllr. Kla Martin said his removal as head of the LACC is totally a violation of the Liberian Constitution.

According to him, president Weah was proceeding wrongly on the ruling and interpretation of the Supreme Court on his petition.

Speaking during a phone conversation on a local radio station yesterday, Cllr. Martin said he has filed his petition on the bases of 16.1 16.2 of the Act creating the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC). He indicated that it is a Constructional violation of article 20 of the Liberia Constitution.

The Liberian lawyer stressed that he was not giving due process but is being removed by the President in by the enactment of the new law of the LACC.

“The Supreme said the matter we filed though it has nature in it, but we have not been affected so our matter was premature; the Supreme Court also said the act of the National Legislature to make law is a constitutional prerogative of the lawmakers; the high court also said 16.1and 16.2 of the Act that created the LACC which I challenged are not affective but for the future,” Martin clarified.

Recently President Weah nominated new Commissioners of the LACC in line with the new act of the LACC.

Cllr. Martin further argued that his dismissal was due to his stance on a progressive fright against corruption of government officials  and others irrespective  of  his or her  status  in government .

“When I took over the commission, I did not take over the commission to be friend with corruption,” he noted.

Cllr. Martin said the LACC nomenclature indicates Liberia Anti-Corruption and not Liberia-friendly corruption adding that he did not go  to the LACC to make friends with people  who are allegedly corrupt.

He disclosed that his first move on the fight against corruption in government landed him in trouble with some top government officials in Ganta City Nimba County during  the cabinet retreat.

According to him, during the cabinet retreat everybody was giving two three minutes to speak adding, “Only when I got on the stage to speak I was attacked with questions for almost two hours why I had to go public to speak to the Liberian people about the indictment and prosecution on the investigation that  they at the LACC did.”

The former LACC boss said their action were in line with the law contrary to their detractors.

He said since government officials are attacking them on the stance against corruption, all of the investigations and findings that were sent to the Justice Ministry none has been sent to court for persecution.

Cllr. Martin told the media that he will keep going to work as he continues to challenge the President’s decision at the Supreme Court.

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