LACC boss welcomes Anti-graft Bill

MONROVIA-The Acting Chairman of the Liberia  Anti-corruption Commission (LACC)  said he is appreciative of the new anti-graft bill   submitted by the president to the legislature.

President George Weah, keeping with  the law  and in keeping with his state of the nation address of this year, planned to submit many anti-graft bills to the house for  possible action.

According to Cllr. Kanio Bai Gbala  he is appreciative of the  many bills submitted  to the Liberian  Legislature. Some include an Act Granting the LACC full prosecutorial powers for acts of corruption; an Act Granting the LACC full responsibility for the collection, collation and verification of Assets declared by public officials; an Act Establishing a Fast Track Corruption Court as well as Acts to Protect Whistleblowers and Establish a Witness Protection Program.

The LACC has been struggling for years to put on full prosecutorial power.

It can be recalled that President  Weah in his 2020 and 2021 State of the Nation Addresses, promised to introduce legislation empowering the Liberia Anti-corruption Commission (LACC) to  have teeth to bite.

With this news, the Acting Executive Chairperson of the LACC, Cllr. Kanio Bai Gbala  said the submission of these bills by President George Weah  was a clear demonstration of the political will to fight corruption which has never before occurred in Liberia.

He added to  that, the majority of the hurdles currently encountered by the LACC in the execution of its mandate will be out when  the legislature passes the instruments into law

Passing the bills into law  is one thing and working on it is another thing. So, he said, now that the legal framework was falling into place, it is  necessary for the Liberian government to provide the LACC with the needed resources to  energize the fight against corruption by increasing budget support for investigations, Prosecutions and the recruitment of skilled human resource assets.

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