…Residents Alarm Over Rate Of Deaths

By; Jamesetta D. Williams-Intern

MONROVIA-A strange narcotic drug widely known as ‘kush’ is said to be killing lots of young people in the country with the latest incident said to have occurred in Sinkor early Monday morning.

According to our reporter who visited the scene following the incident, a 20 year old man identified as Teddyrai popular known as Real Boy died yesterday morning after reportedly taking in Kush, a dangerous substance that is killing lots of young people at the highest rate in Liberia.

“Kush,” referred to by its users as See the Devil’s Face is a dangerous narcotic substance that is being brought into the country by drug importers and is being sold in various ghettos across the country.

Early Monday morning, residents of 20th Street, Sinkor woke up to the death news of a young man identified as Teddyrai after it was alleged that he had taken in the dangerous drug the evening before his demise.

It is also reported that three other young men earlier died from the use of ‘kush’ around the same Sinkor belt in recent days.

“We are afraid and want government timely intervention now because our children are dying daily,” said one of the Sinkor residents.

According to residents of Sinkor and surrounding areas, the situation is alarming as the kush drug is killing lots of young men and women at very alarming rate.

Residents of the area are calling on the Ministry of Health to immediately come to the rescue of the young people in their community as their children are dying from the consumption of kush on a daily basis.

The residents disclosed that they watched the death of three young men from the use of kush recently in the community prior to the death of Teddyrai yesterday.

Speaking at the residence of the late Teddyra who has also died from kush like his friends, Mr. Jessey Kollie, one of the residents of Sinkor disclosed that the late Real Boy suffered from a brief illness on June 11, 2023, at his residence.

Kollie further disclosed that they were able to identify that it was the narcotic substance known as kush he had previously consumed that evening that led to his untimely death.

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