Kortima Opts To Fall Lofa Leadership Vacuum

MONROVIA-Former Lofa County Superintendent, Galakpai Kortima is opting to fall the nothingness left at the Liberian Senate since the 2020 Senatorial election in which convict Samukai won with a majority of the votes.

Because of the court issue, Samukai was not certificated by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

The court process did not go Samuakai’s way thus making the House of Representatives declare a vacancy to fall in the gap in the Lofa County representation at the Liberian Senate.

The Unity Party, one of the opposition political parties in Liberia has seen the need to nominate one of its members to occupy that emptiness.

Musa Bility, the embattled Chairperson of the Liberty Party has called on the National Election Commission to deny Galakpai Kortima from contesting in the Lofa County by-election.

The Party Secretary-General Mo Ali said Mr. Kortimai has gone through all the formalities and is now in the process of commencing campaign activities in Lofa.

Mr. Ali noted that the Unity party will ensure its senatorial candidate nominated to the National Elections Commission becomes successful in the pending senatorial by-elections.

When quizzed about Musa Bility’s call for the National Elections Commission to disallow Unity Party from fielding a candidate in the by-elections, Secretary-General Ali stated that embattled Chairman Bility does not have the standing to prevent Unity party from fielding a candidate in the upcoming election.

The Unity Party on her official Social media page expressed appreciation to all Lofa stakeholders, eminent partisans and the Party’s leadership for their cooperation in building a consensus on the Party’s candidate for the 2022 Lofa County Senatorial By-election.

“The Party extends congratulations to Partisan Galakpai Kortimai who has been officially nominated to the National Elections Commission as the Unity Party’s candidate for the upcoming by-election” the statement said.

He added, “We are encouraging all partisans, supporters and well-wishers to IMMEDIATELY move on to Lofa County and mobilize our base for this WIN!”

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