Koijee Rallies CDCians To Protest

By Jamesetta D. Williams & By Washington Tumay Watson

Reports emanating from the Headquarters of the Coalition for Democratic Change says several aggrieved partisans and supporters of the CDC Saturday stormed the party headquarters in anger and damaged several properties belonging to the party and a vehicle belonging to Finance Minister Samuel D. Tweah.

According to our roaming reporter who was on the scene, the situation started when the aggrieved partisans and supporters of the CDC demanded the recount of all of the ballots saying that they are not satisfied with the results being announced by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

The aggrieved CDCians are challenging the results despite President Weah conceding defeat in the presidential runoff election.

Our reporter disclosed that at the CDC headquarters some of the aggrieved partisans and supporters were seen in tears while other were insulting President Weah for conceding early defeat to the Unity Party’s Candidate, Joseph N. Boakai.

According to the aggrieved CDCians, President Weah has put them in tears by giving the Unity Party unacceptable Victory something for which they will stage a protest to demand a recount of the ballots.

Responding to the aggrieved CDCians, CDC’s General Secretary, Jefferson Tamba Koijee appealed to his fellow partisans not cry but get ready for a prolonged protest against the results being announced by the Liberian electoral body.

Mayor Kojee told the CDCians that NEC has not announced five polling centers which results could favor them. He gave a three-day ultimatum to the National Elections Commission to announce results from the five polling places or they will take to the streets in protest.

He said CDCians will tell their women to naked themselves in a prolonged protest action and move on the streets in demand of the results from the November 14, 2023 presidential runoff election.

“We will not rest until NEC gives the five counts of the ballot papers,” Koijee in strong words, told fellow CDcians. He furthered, “If it will cause all supporters of CDC to sleep on the streets for  six years, we have no problem but we will protest,” the CDC Secretary General announced.

Mayor encouraged every supporters of CDC not to be afraid as they get prepared to walk on the streets naked and fight for their right. He added that though the President has spoken but what the President said was a word to the leadership of CDCbut according to Koijee, he is speaking for the thousands of CDCians who suffered and have been chased out of theirhomes and in their communities.

“We will not sit back and let our mothers, daughters and brothers’ efforts are unacceptable, we will walk from door to door, house to house and ensure that we get victory,” Mayor Kojee said. He added that all supporters of CDC should get prepared to challenge NEC, the international community and the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) to get what they deserve.

He said Ambassador Joseph Boakai has not won the presidential runoff election due to the five outstanding counts that the NEC yet to announced. He added that if NEC do not give the five count, the women of CDC will walk on the streets naked and fight for the five counts.

Kojee called on partisans and supporters of the CDC to save their tears and keep the courage to fight for their rights.

At the same time, partisans and supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) have expressed frustration over the presidential runoff results announced by the National Elections Commission due to their leader’s inability to work proactively.

The CDC partisans and supporters were expressing their frustration following   the releasing of the runoff presidential elections results that puts the Unity Party candidate former Vice President Joseph Boakai with 814,212 resulting to 50.89% while the CDC candidate President George Weah obtaining 785,778 resulting to 49.11% .

The CDcians and Weahcians expressed frustration when they phone in on the Freedom FM night time program Face theIssue when they indicated that the defeat of the CDC was as a result of the party’s leaders who were complacent with the crowd, emphasizing that the leaders were not campaigning   with the massive in the communities.  

Some of the CDcians and Weahcians could not hold back their emotion by weeping as a means of not seeing their beloved President Weah achieving those visionary ambitions to transform the country due to deceit, dishonesties and ungratefulness by some Liberians.

They also spoke of being venerable to the hands of the Unity Party supporters who according to them were allegedly attacked on Friday in their communities mostly the PHP in Monrovia.

Some of them attributed the CDC’s shortcomings to the poor leadership ability of the National Chairman of the CDC,Mulbah Morlu who according to them, since he was elected as Chairman under his leadership the party has never won major elections including the presidential runoff election.

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