Koijee Drags To Court!

MONROVIA-A writ of HABEAS CORPUS has been issued out  from the first Judicial Circuit, Criminal Court “C” against Monrovia City Government in person of Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee.

Resident Judge, A. Blamo Dixon issued the writ on Thursday, July 22, 2021 to ensure Mayor Koijee produces the living bodies of the three female and residents of North Road, New Georgia Caldwell: Rose Wreh, Felecia Wreh and Christiane Toe who are presently detained at the Monrovia City Hall together with cause of such detention this Friday, July 23, 2021.

This is to enable the judge to make judgment as it seems just concerning the detention or withholding of the above named petitioners.

Judge Dixson threatened to render a default judgment against the City Government boss should he fail  to adhere to the term and condition stipulated in the writ issued him.

The court’s writ reads: “You are hereby further commanded to serve this writ of HABEAS CORPUS on the within named respondents, together with the copies of the complaint and to inform them to make their official returns to this writ of HABEAS CORPUS on or before the above mentioned date and time, and to notify them that upon their failure to do so judgment will be rendered against them and relief sought by the petitioners will be granted.”

According to the writ filed by petitioners counsel Finley Karngar alleged that his clients were taken in the custody by the Monrovia City Police under the instruction of Mayor Jefferson Koijee and are denied access to their family members since their arrest July 19, 2021.

Cllr. Karngar mentioned that neither the LNP nor the Monrovia city Corporation has informed his clients of the reasons for which they are in detention against their will and without any formal charge.

“Since their arrest on July 19, 2021, they are yet to be charged up to date and including the filing of the petition by complainant’s lawyer thus amounting to gross violation of petitioners’ constitutional and statutory rights guaranteed under Liberian laws and international treaties to which Liberia is a state party,” he noted.

Karngar four counts petition filed before the court indicated that the arrest and continuous detention of his clients is illegal and a blatant violation of their human and fundamental rights and freedom, prejudice by the lack of procedural and substantive due process, especially where they are detained by city mayor of Monrovia and held in the prison facility of MCC.  

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