Kidnapped Victims Narrowly Escape Death


By Mark B. Dumbar/Jamesetta D. Williams

Following a social media post in which two brothers were nearly kill while the other brother was allegedly kidnapped by unknown men in a CD Jeep around the RIA Highway, the one who left in the Jeep has been found.

According to information, the victim was found recently and turned over to former Miss Liberia, Wokie Dolo around the GSA Road Community in District #6.

Information gathered revealed that the other brother who has been found by Wokie Dolo is currently undergoing medical treatment at the ELWA Hospital. He said the incident took place a week ago when he and his brother were given a lift to get home after their daily hustle.

According to the brother who said he jump out of the jeep when they were being stabbed and naked by the unknown men, when they got into the vehicle they realized that three men were at the back seat of the Jeep, so, they felt that their lives were saved.

The victim who narrowly escaped death by forcing himself through the window of the Jeep to get outside further stated that when they entered the vehicle one of the men took a knife and ordered them to naked themselves immediately.

He said one of the unknown men stabbed him on the neck and attempted to cut his private part while the vehicle was at high speed. The victim who escaped with blood all over his body was recused by residents of the RIA Community along with an individual who refused to be identified.

Meanwhile, some eyewitnesses said the condition of the other brother who was later found has been taken to ELWA Hospital. According to eyewitness, the condition of the victim who was reportedly kidnapped by the unknown men is critical and needs immediate medical attention.

According report, the victim who has been rescued by residents of RIA is safe and strong and is hoping to meet with his brother who has been found.

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