Kamara Goes For Another 4Yrs

The incumbency of Ayouba Kamara as President of the Liberia Scrap Dealers Association (LSDA) has been extended for another four years by the entity’s entire membership from across the nation.


Kamara has held the post of President of the LSDA for the last four years following an overwhelming victory in an election held in Monrovia at that time.

The entity’s hierarchy and decision-makers from the fifteen counties of Liberia recently converged at its national headquarters located at the new Georgia Junction outside Monrovia and took the decision to extend Kamara’s leadership based on meticulous observation and belief that he needed to complete a series of development initiatives he had been engaged in for last four.

Those development initiatives are said to hold more positive offshoots and the potential to fast-track the LSDA’s development initiatives being undertaken by Kamara for rapid growth.

Since the ascension to the presidency of the LSDA,  Kamara has assiduously been working to ensure that the entity is transformed with its entire membership being rejuvenated and placed on par with other entities in the world’s newest emerging scrap industry.

Kamara has since the last four years of his presidency been working hard along with other development partners out of Liberia to ensure that the LSDA builds a massive edifice to serve as it’s national headquarters, something he believes will repose confidence in other partners in the scrap industry to continue business with his entity.

He promised that in the next four years of his leadership, he would do all in his power vested to galvanize unity among the LSDA’s members nationwide and to ensure as well that the entity is transformed to an acceptable standard.

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