Justice Scott Runs To Supreme Court

...As Gov’t Refuses To Submit Evidence

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

Lawyers defending the interest of Cllr. Gloria Must Scott, former Chief Justice of Liberia is now before the Full Bench of the Supreme Court.

The lawyers have filed a Bill of Information before the high court in their quest to have the government turn over all documentation or evidence, they claimed to have based upon which they will be prosecuting Justice Scott and her three family members.

It has been nearly two weeks since the former Chief Justice and her three relatives were arrested, charged, taken to jail, and subsequently indicted for the murder of her niece Choaleo Musu, but the government is yet to turn over these documents to the defendant’s lawyers.

Scott lawyers are amongst other things demanding the murder weapon that was allegedly used, clothes, autopsy report, medical report, defendants testimonies before the grand jury, and witnesses’ testimonies, but government lawyers have been playing delay tactics.

On Tuesday, the defending counsels made a motion for discoveries which was heard, and a decision was made.

Judge Roosevelt Willie of Criminal Court “A” instructed the government to make available these documents and turn same over to the defendants’ lawyers but they are yet to make good on something that prompted Scott’s lawyers to take a flight to the Supreme Court.

In their Bill of information, the defendants’ lawyers say the government has demonstrated that the intent of the indictment is to persecute and not to prosecute the former Chief Justice and her family thereby using the court and the state as instruments to melt injustice to the defendant.

The lawyers furthered, “From all indications, it is a glaring fact that government has no evidence or may not have used any evidence that led to drawing up the indictment and subsequent writ of arrest against the justice and her family.”

In this, the lawyers are pleading with the court to order the government of Liberia to turn over the evidence and physical instruments and that if government neglects to do so this time, action will be taken against the state.

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