Justice Ministry Orders Autopsies in Three Prominent Citizens Deaths


MONROVA-The remains of former Presidents children,  William V. S. Tubman, Mr. John Hilary Tubman and Williams R. Tolbert Jr, Mr. Williams R. Tolbert ,III (a Peace Ambassador) as well as a female Immigration Officer Maude Elliott are expected to undergo post-mortem following their mysterious deaths late last September 2021.

The post-mortem that is to be conducted on the remains of these state men and woman  have been  ordered  by the Ministry of Justice  to  uncover facts and circumstances leading to their deaths in recent times.

In a press release dated November 3, 2021, the Justice Ministry said the remains of the three deceased were discovered in their homes during the early morning hours of September 22, October 31 and November 1, 2021, respectively.

The release further quoted the Liberia National Police naming Christian Byron Anderson and Williams V.S. Anderson, allies Baby Shad, as persons of interest in the investigation of the death of John Tubman.

In this regard, the Monrovia City Court  issued a Subpoena Duces tecum on two mobile phone companies–Orange and Lone Star GSM–mandating them to submit to the court the call log of the late Williams R. Tolbert III covering the period of October 2, 2021 to November 2, 2021 respectively.

The writ instructed:  “You are hereby commanded to proceed to the office of the Lone star communication Corporation situated any lying in Congo town, City of Monrovia and duly serve this on said management mandating it to submit to this Honorable Court call log of the late Williams R. Tolbert III covering the period of October 2 to November 2,2021.”

A Subpoena Duces tecum is a writ ordering a person to attend a court and bring relevant documents.

The subpoena in question is based upon the application hereto attached filed before this Honorable Court by the Ministry of Justice represented by the office of the City Solicitor assigned at the Monrovia City Magistrate Court at the Temple of Justice.

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