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By: Perry B. Zordyu- zordyuperryb@gmail.com

MONROVIA-Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee has praised police investigation in the recent murder of Charlotte Musu who was materially killed by unknown persons.

Major Koijee said it is with clear and whiten fact that the justice system in Liberia can be trusted for the prosecution of any form of crimes under the laws of Liberia through the justice system.

Mayor Koijee furthered that it is with no regret that such a charge was placed on the Musu Scott family on Tuesday by the Liberia National Police.

His statement is in response to the investigation in the Charlotte Musu case in which the Criminal Investigation Division of the Liberia National Police charged and forwarded to court former Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott and three others for murder, Criminal Conspiracy, and False Testimony to Law Enforcement Officers.

It can be recalled that in March of this year, the late Charlotte Musu was allegedly killed and her body was found in the compound of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu-Scott for which Monrovia City Maor Jefferson Tamba Koijee was accused of the murder something that prompted many Liberians to stage series of protests in demand of Justice for fallen Charlotte Musu.

Speaking late Tuesday evening June 20, 2023, at the Coalition for Democratic Change Headquarters in Congo Town, Major Koijee praised the police for the speedy investigation and for bringing to light through their investigation the perpetrators of the gruesome murder of little Charlotte Musu something he said worth commending.

“I don’t know what kind of God you served, but I Jefferson Tamba Koijee served the one and true God in Heaven. I knew that God would have to fight my battle and certainly he did by putting the shame of my enemies to the ground. People thought I was the one who masterminded the killing of little Charlotte Musu,” Mayor Koijee told reporters.

The Monrovia City Mayor in a sorrowful tone said, “My heart is bleeding because of the innocent soul that was lost. Everyone is to die but how her life was taken was diabolically devilish and no parents neither relatives nor friends should be happy about how her life was taken.”

He cautioned the bereaved family to take solace in the Lord as his legal team will shortly speak to the matter.

Meanwhile, the Monrovia City Mayor and Chairman of the CDC Primary Committee used the occasion to call on all citizens throughout the length and breadth of the country to see the late Charlotte Musu case as an example of how justice is being dispensed in the country’s judicial system. He called on all citizens to fully utilize the rule of law of the country in addressing their matters.

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