Just A Girl Graduates Over 70 Women, Men In Skill Training

MONROVIA-Grace Community Church located in the R2 Community on the Roberts International Airport Highway was a scene of jubilation when 78 women and men completed their different skill training programs.

The Saturday, August 14, 2021 valediction was the second graduation cycle of Just A Girl Initiation, a non-governmental institution that was established to help women and girls do something positive with their hands.
Speaking during the second graduation cycle, Madam Martida O. Potter who served as guest speaker of the event, told the graduates; “I am also a product of a vocational school, so I know what you went through”.
Giving her experience, she told the graduates to take seriously what they have learned and make the best use of it that will impact their lives.

Madam Potter said she was happy that most of the graduates were women, indicating, “No man wants a liability. Every man wants a woman who can help with the home.”
Speaking particularly to the women who graduated along with the few men, she added that the value a woman has added to themselves will help them be good wives.

According her, a lady who has added values to herself, will have fewer problems in her home as compared to a woman who sits home and wants her husband to do every little thing for her and the kids.

She said,” I tell you for fact, no knowledge is a waste. If you have the opportunity to learn, learn and do not get tire, learn until you cannot stop learning because whatever you learn will be used in the future.”
Narrating her own story, Mrs. Potter said her parents were able to take her through high school level, but indicated that it reached a point they could not afford paying her fees in university anymore.

She told the audience that it was through the skill training she learned from the Conduit of Potential that helped her through her university studies.
Through what she learned during her stay at the Conduit of Potential, she met her husband at her first place of work and now, she is happily married.
“I put my time to work and since I left the place I was working, people still go there asking for me” Mr. Potter said.
According to her, life is how one decides to make it adding, there are people who graduated with different degrees from universities, but what they do for living is far different from the university student.
It was in this direction that the youthful guest speaker said, “Put your time to the skill you have learned for this institution, this could be your lift time work skill you have gotten.”

Speaking during the program, Mrs. Evelyn Kpadeh Seagbeh said, she feels that she has achieved something because those who graduated from cycle one of the training, have employed themselves by positively embracing life and doing great things with their hands that making impact in their lives and the lives of their relatives.
Mrs. Seagbeh said during the nine months of the training, although all those who were enlisted did not complete the full time, the few things some of them learned are being used to make the difference.

“One old lady only learned how to fix pepper kala and she is doing it to feed she and her grandchildren, which is an achievement for use” the JAGI executive director said.
Giving an update on cycle three, Mrs. Seagbeh said they are targeting the total of 150 persons to benefit from the next cycle.

According to her the institution is adding technical skills to include electricity and computer.
She said these additional technical skill training will help bring on board men and women who feel left desire to attain those kinds of training.
The program which was attended by government officials, permanent residents of the Duazon Community and members of media saw the awarding of those who have helped JAGI since it was established.

According to Mrs. Seagbeh, she honored those individuals not because they have provided millions, but because they see the impact of the institution in society.
She praised the Laurence G. Cooper Foundation for the partnership the two institutions reached during the just-ended second cycle and hopes that the partnership continues for the third and onwards cycles.

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