Julius Malema advices Boakai

…. Not To Take The Route Of Weah 's Administration

MONROVIA- JAN 21-The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter Global, Julius Malema has cautioned the incoming president,  Joseph Nyumah Boakai not to take a managerial route, used by outgoing President George Weah.

He made the statement upon his arrival at the Roberts International Airport, outside the capital, Monrovia on Sunday.

According to him, Joseph Boakai’s regime must make sure to be committed to its promises because the outgoing president, George Weah, was never committed to said promises, and that is why they were booted out.

“it was unfortunate that the outgoing administration failed to allow the will of the people to prevail,” he added.

Malema noted that the people of Liberia, especially the indigenous, must feel the impact of the movement, and no one should live in a situation where they will not feel the impact of peace.

Describing President-elect Boakai as a gift for Liberia,  Malema noted that the EFF Liberia chapter, which is highly recognized by EFF Global, will continue to engage the Boakai administration to ensure effective leadership for Liberians.

However, he craves the Boakai administration to ensure that the EFF-Liveria be allowed to continue to express itself, despite its proximity to the incoming presidency.

Praising EFF Liberia for ts commitment, Malema explained that he will ensure, that the EFF-Liberia continues to become vibrant in its advocacy.

However, Malema told newsmen that the EFF’s affirmation of the President-elect is not an affirmation of the United States government.

“We find him to be better than the other one and someone that can solve our problem internally.”

“We have never affirmed America, we have never befriended America. We know what America did here in Liberia, we know what Europe did, we know what the British have done to our continent, so we do not support neocolonialism in whatever way.”

Malema said the US and EFF may have a different diplomatic relationship, but that doesn’t mean they have affirmed them.

The EFF Global Leader wants to see democracy and freedom upright in Africa, where there is no spill  of blood.

Malema’s arrival to join other high-profile delegates in a groundbreaking moment for Pan-African solidarity has ignited a wave of excitement across Liberia.

Malema, renowned for his fervent advocacy of Communism, Marxism–Leninism, Black nationalism, Left-wing populism, Fanonism, Sankarism, and Pan-Africanism, is hailed as one of Africa’s most influential voices against capitalism, imperialism, and antisemitism. His arrival marks a significant milestone for the local chapter of the EFF, which shares his commitment to these transformative ideologies.

The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL), under the leadership of President Emmanuel D. Gonquoi, has expressed delight over Malema’s arrival to attend, what he described as a memorable inaugural carnival in Liberia.

Commander-in-Chief Gonquoi further expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all EFFL members for their “tremendous support and tireless efforts” in upholding the institution’s values and their cooperation to celebrate Malema’s arrival.

Gonquoi further maintained, that the visit of Malema, is anticipated to strengthen the bonds of Pan-Africanism and further enhance the cause of economic freedom across the continent.

He encouraged embers and supporters of EFFL to continue upholding solidarity with the movement and CIC Malema’s visionary leadership.

Meanwhile, Gonquoi said the arrival of Malema to Liberia promises to be a historic demonstration of unity and shared purpose among Africans seeking social and economic justice.

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