Judiciary Too? -Employees Demand 11Months Salaries


By  R. Joyclyn Wea:j.wea@newrepublicliberia.com

Several employees of the Judiciary Branch of Government on Wednesday August 26, 2020 staged a peaceful protest at the Temple of Justice in demand of 11 months Liberian dollar salaries.

According to the employees, since October of 2019, they are yet to receive their Liberian dollars salary without any legitimate reason; something that prompted their protest action.

They alleged that despite numerous communications to Chief Justice Francis Korkpor to address their concern, step has not been taken regarding their plight, thus resulting to the August 26, 2020 peaceful assembly at the Temple of Justice; as a means of drawing his attention to the long standing problem.

Speaking on behalf of the protesters, Zebedee Freeman asserted that their rights have been tempered with by the Liberian Judiciary responsible to interpret the law.

He explained that for the past 11 months they are yet to receive their Liberian dollars salary without any notice by the authority (Chief Justice).

Freeman puts the amount at approximately L$250, 000.00 dollars each totaling over two million Liberian dollars for the period mentioned.  

The aggrieved workers stated, “We are aggrieved. Our Liberian dollar salaries have been taken away for no reason meaning that we do not have any legitimate reason why our Liberian dollar is being taken away. We have made several efforts to our authority, but they have not listened to us, so we are tired,” Freeman lamented.

“I expect for authority to see reason to put our money back because we have written the Chief Justice on two different occasions giving him time which will end by this month,” he added.

Meanwhile, the aggrieved employees have also threatened to stage a protest on the day of the Supreme Court opening and, as well write the American Embassy to give the world a picture of what is happening. 

Freeman bewailed “Authority is aware; they are the cause of this protest. Authority cutoff our allowances without our knowledge; we wrote them several times no reply. We are not afraid. Chicken white it white. And we will be together gone are the days of fear.”

But when the  spokesman for the Judiciary, Mr. Ambrose  Nmah was asked, he said,  the  decision to take  off the Liberian dollars components from  the salaries was part of the harmonization exercise and not the Judiciary.   

“That is so, the Liberian dollars that we were expecting has been cut off by the Liberian government,” he said.

He added, “But if they said they have  written the Chief Justice,  he will meet them.”

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