Judiciary Fails Integrity Test


MONROVIA-Former Defense Minister, Brownie J. Samukai has reiterated that he is disappointed in the Judicial System of Liberia on how his case was handled and tried.

Speaking from the United States of America on a local radio talk show on Saturday night, he called on the citizens of Liberia to stop blaming President George M. Weah and the Executive Branch of government for his conviction and squarely puts it on the Judiciary.

He claimed the Judiciary failed the integrity test that was given to them and clearly stated that the system had been corrupted long before the Weah-led government.

Mr. Samukai lamented that he was tried for the “misused of public funds” but was convicted of the “misuse of private funds.”

He also disclosed that he and his two other colleagues who were convicted, pleaded with the Government of Liberia to pay a hundred and sixty- six United States dollars (US$166) each every month amounting to US$500.00 in total for a month.

Samukai claimed that there were written evidence from president (former) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf authorizing him to use the funds given to the court to show that they didn’t use the money for personal gains, but was trashed.

In his interview, Samukai asserted that his decision didn’t injure the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) and the money in question was taken to get the soldiers who were going to Mail for the Peace keeping Mission prepared.

“We informed the President that we needed money to get the soldiers prepared and also informed her about the pension money”, Samukai said.

He added that president Sirleaf agreed that they should use the money that the government was going to repay.

“ I never ate the AFL money and I don’t regret carrying on the President’s decision” he announced.

Samukai urged the public to go and get the case document from the court to read through and understand why he claimed he was wrongfully convicted and also thanked President Weah for the cancellation of his prison term.

When asked about his thoughts of the just-ended Lofa County By-election, the former Senator-elect blamed the defeat of the Unity Party Garlarkpai Kortimai on the Lack of resources and the number of candidates from the “Lorma land” which divided the pie too much.

He called on the opposition candidates to wake up, localize their efforts and stop waiting for the official start of the campaign before being visible outside Montserrado.

Samukai announced his disappointment in the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) split and mentioned that it was too poor a decision of the opposition, knowing that no candidate in the opposition can single-handedly defeat President Weah in the upcoming election.

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