By George J Borteh

MONROVIA-The Chief judge of the only Commercial Court in the country and situated on the grounds of the Temple of Justice in Monrovia is expected to appear before an investigative body at the Temple of Justice.

Judge Eva Mapay Morgan who is said to be the long-term serving judge of the Commercial Court is to face an investigation for an alleged unethical act allegedly committed by her.

It is not stated in a legal document obtained from the Commercial Court which copy is in the possession of this paper when Judge Morgan will appear before the inquiry body.

It has been established by this paper that plaintiff Amstrong filed a complaint against the Commercial Court Judge and said complaint has been before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

The legal document has since been forwarded to Associate Justice, Yussif Kabh in order for him(Justice Kabah) to conduct an investigation into plaintiff Amstrong’s complaint.

Associate Kabah who is the head of the Justice Inquiry Commission, JIC is expected to investigate the Commercial Court judge.

Though it is not clear when Justice Kabah will assign said hearing or investigation, the complainant complained that the judge allegedly used the Acting Sheriff of the court identified as El Morris to take an infantry of the playoff properties without his(plaintiff( Amstrong) knowledge, concern and a proper representation.

The document in possession of the New Republic revealed that the Secretary of the Liberian Senate. J. Nanborbor Singbeh who is the prime defendant and also a former official of the MHM_EKO Liberia INC. and plaintiff Hans Amstrong are currently in court.

Court records show that Mr. Amstrong sued defendant Singbeh at the Specialized Cort or the Commercial Court to give an account of all properties belonging to the MHM_EKO Liberia INC., but defendant Singbeh has since denied Amstrong’s claims.

In his complaint filed before the Chief Justice of Supreme Court Justice Siea_nyenne Yuoh, Amstrong alleged that defendant Singbeh used his governmental position to influence Judge Morgan to have carried out the infantry without his ( Amstrong); concern and representation.

He then told the Chief judge of the higher court that the alleged action by the Commercial Court judge by taking side with defendant Singbeh is a clear breach on the part of Judge Morgan.

He called Associate Justice Kabah to investigate Commercial Court Judge Morgan, stressing that his Complain has been within the judiciary for a longer period of time.

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