Judge Dixson Caught In The Web!

-For Dividing US$1,147.656.35M Among Samukai, Others

MONROVIA-A bill of information has been filed before the Supreme Court against Judge Blamo Dixson, former Presiding Judge of Criminal Court “C” at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia.

The bill of information filed by both the Ministry of Justice against Judge Blamo is predicated upon the alleged misinterpretation of the Supreme Court’s mandate of November 2021, in which that court mandated all three defendants to jointly pay the amount guilty of, or serve a jail term of two years should they fail to restitute said amount.

Judge Dixson on February 8, 2021, ruled separating the prison term of the defendants and the time frame to restitute the amount in question, but the decision was overturned by the upper court.

The Supreme Court says from the review of the records from the lower court, the defendants were jointly charged with the commission of the crimes for which they were brought down guilty. And that in the absence of showing that the parties’ contributions to the commission of the crimes are separable, the high court does not see how the trail judge could determine a higher sentence for some of the defendants and lower sentence for the other.

The Supreme Court also stated in its November 2021 verdict that restitution is a part of a sentence, therefore the appellants are duty bond to restitute the amount withdrawn from the AFL pension account without the permission or authorization of the soldiers.

The verdict indicated “defendants are all hereby sentenced to serve a term of two years each in a common jail. The sentences shall be suspended provided the said appellants shall restitute the full amount of US$1,147.656.35 (one million one hundred forty-seven thousand six hundred fifty-six  35/100 united states dollars) or 50 percent thereof within the period of six months and thereafter enter appropriate arrangements to pay the remaining portion in one calendar year.”

The ruling furthered; “Shall the defendants fail or refuse to restitute as stated above, then and in that case, they shall be incarcerated in the common jail and remain therein until the full amount is paid or liquidated at the rate US$25.00 per month as provided for by law.”

But contrary to this verdict from the honorable Supreme Court, Judge Dixson while presiding at Criminal Court “C” Judge, divided the US$1,147.656.35 dollars amongst the defendants even though the high court verdict instructed the defendants to pay together.

Of the US$1,147.656.35, the defendants were required to pay US$1,147,656.35 each as 50 percent of the amount mentioned above based on the order of Judge Dixson and thereafter enter an arrangement to restitute the remaining money.

Though it is not yet established as to why Judge Dixson divided the amount in question among the defendants, the Judge has been dragged before the honorable Supreme Court to answer to a bill of information levied against him.




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