By Mark N. Mengonfia

MONROVIA-Liberian journalists have been called upon to keep themselves safe as the country gears up for the much-publicized October 10, 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

The advice was sounded at the National Forum on Media Professionalism and Safety of Journalists’ event convened by the Center for Media Studies & Peace-building (CEMESP) on June 14, 2023, at iCampus in Monrovia.

At the forum which was graced by representatives of the journalist bodies, security sector, and civil society organizations, the journalists were told that while it is true that they are there to report the news for the good of the public, they should also be cognizant of the fact that no news worth dying for.

A panel discussion that focused on Media Workers’ Safety was also convened during the gathering at which time the panelists called on state security apparatus and other actors to see journalists as their partners and not enemies.

Panelists who facilitated the forum include, Madam Tetee Karneh, Chief Executive Offer of Spoon Network, D. Kaihenneh Sengbeh, Manager, Communication Media and Public Affairs, Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), Henscin Dehgar, Vice President, Reporters Association of Liberia (RAL) and Madam Pamelia Doe Paivey, Commissioner at the Independent Human Rights Commission.

The panelists stressed the importance of empowerment of media workers, salary improvement, and provisions of needed working tools for them something they said when done will not render them vulnerable to newsmakers.

They highlighted a need for teamwork especially at the time the election is next door.

Lawrence Fahnbulleh and Moses Carter from the Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism and the Liberia National Police respectively spoke about the gains being made by the Government of Liberia when it comes to journalists’ protection.

They also spoke about the action of the government to have repealed some draconian laws against journalists, the passage of the Abdulai Kamara Abdulai Press Freedom Act, and efforts the government spokespersons said were in the right direction in protecting journalists.

Senator Jonathan Boy Charles  Sogbie who chairs the Senate Committee on Information and Broadcasting warned journalists to avoid writing or broadcasting opinions, spreading disinformation and misinformation in order to keep the society safe.

According to him, “Elections are on hand and being aware of the very difficult period the citizens are going through in the country, the manner in which you report the news is the way the people will react,” the River Gee lawmaker reminded Journalists.

He indicated that, “Don’t talk for me, let me talk for myself and take responsibility.”

The Vice President of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL), Mr. Daniel Nyakonah expressed serious disappointment in the political media ownership and alarmed that the situation has become a major problem that is seriously affecting the Liberian media landscape.

“We will keep our eyes on Nimba County District#7 and Lofa County District#1 to shame them for their unprofessional attitude by using their platforms to carry on political attacks against each other.

For his part, Malcolm W. Joseph, CEMESP’s Executive Director agreed with the two spokespersons of government in parts on the issue of strives being made by the media to protect Liberian journalists.

Mr. Joseph said the Liberian Government has shown some support toward media freedom by strengthening support for the provision of foundational principles that guarantee the rights to exercise freedom of speech in a form and manner consistent with international best practices.

In 2018, as part of improving the legal and regulatory environment for freedom of expression, the government repealed the law on sedition and defamation. Furthermore, in 2010 the government adopted the Freedom of Information Law and the establishment of the Independent Information Commission.

Also, he said in September 2022, Liberia was ranked 75/180 on the World Press Index, an improvement from 2021, when it ranked 98/180.

The CEMESP boss said physical attacks against journalists, especially those covering politics, have highlighted the dangers to their safety in Liberia.

He listed few examples to include, attack on Emmanuel Kollie, a reporter and presenter for the state-owned Liberian Broadcasting System (LBS), and Amos Korzawu, a reporter for the Fortune TV-Liberia news website who were threatened and physically attacked by security personnel when they went to cover an election-related clash on 29 June 2022, a day after the election of the Senator of north-western Liberia’s Lofa County.

“Reports show that since early 2020, Liberian security forces have committed acts of harassment, assaults, or detention against several journalists, while in line of their reportorial duties. Police arrested and detained for 12 hours Methuselah Gaye, a journalist with the privately owned Fabric Radio broadcaster, at his home in Yarpah Town, in south-central Liberia’s Rivercess County on February 13, 2020.”

He also said journalists Aryee Davis and Salam Kaloko were on March 3, 2020 harassed, beaten, and detained by personnel of the Executive Protection Service (EPS) while they were covering a protest in support of a proposed war crimes court in Monrovia.

“On March 4, 2020, at about 8 p.m. Benjamin Quaye Johnson, a reporter with the privately owned Cyclone Newspaper, was detained by officers of the Executive Protection Service in the township of Gardnersville, while he was reporting on the alleged shooting of a woman by an EPS Officer. He was held overnight.”

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