John Town Residents Push for District Status, Essential Drugs for the Only Clinic

John Town, a town located in Gboni clan, Voinjama District, Lofa County wants district status.

At a Town Hall Meeting Tuesday, June 21, 2022 a representative of the young people of the Town, Morlu Freeman said the John Town has all its takes to be a district and is ready and capable for such political status.

He named High School, Clinic, Police Station and a court house including the needed population to grant them such legislative status.

Freeman said residents of the district are resilient people, but have suffered from lack of able representation in order to advocate for them.

However, they are of the conviction that with the help of one of the Lofa County Senatorial candidates, Momo Cyrus, such quest and desire will be achieved soon through adequate and appropriate legislation.

The Officer in Charge of the John’s Town Clinic is Christopher Brima.

Mr. Brima in a statement called for the extension of the clinic to a health center status.

According to him, the only clinic in the Town is overwhelmed with the huge population which they cater to daily as such a health center status is key.

“We don’t have a lab here and are coerced to go to Voinjama about an hour drive, but if we have the health center here in John’s Town, we can be able to address all of the necessary health issues” he pointed out.


He stressed that the clinic is challenged with the lack of essential drugs for about six months now something according to him is worrisome for the people.

“We only have for now malaria drugs for kids one to eleven; the rest of the population are now vulnerable” he said.

He narrated that they are tired of prescribing drugs for the people- at times feel embarrassed and very unhappy about the health situation of the people.

The health worker wants the health needs of the people of the town to be given an urgent attention to help address the issues.

Meanwhile, Senatorial hopeful, Momo Cyrus promised to construct a Town Hall for John’s Town in six to eight months when elected in the by-election of Lofa.

“Town Hall is also an essential project for the people of John Town. It will be my signature project upon ascending to the position of Senator of Lofa County” he said.

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