“Joe Biden Puts Liberian Government under Pressure In Perfecting Governance “..says Finance minister


By: Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmail.com

MONROVIA-Liberia’s Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah has disclosed that the Government under the leadership of President George Weah is under pressure in perfecting governance.

He said the president of the United States of America Joe Biden has invited President George Weah, but did not indicate the time that the Liberian leader will honor the invitation from President Biden.

Speaking during the Public Procurement and Concession Commission third Annual Procurement Forum under the Theme: “innovation and Reforms –Strengthening Liberia Public Procurement System” Minister Tweah said moving forward the government will not relent   to institute governance in the procurement and other financial process in line with the legal processes by every procurement entity  of the government.

“With   the Joe Biden administration  rating countries with good governance  , our country has been invited by president  Joe Biden , to get a close relation with  the Biden administration;  we have  to show significant in the invisible and intangible in the  governances processes” Minister Tweah said.

He further said the government is now working in the area of invisible tangibles to meet up with international standers of governance and not the Liberian way of governance.

According to him, the Government and that of its Citizens only see what is being physical but do not value the invisible tangibles that controlled the physical development.

Minister Tweah said since the last ten years, the Government of Liberia had not passed the government regulatory policy including governance effectiveness policies.

“Everybody should perfect the procurement processes all other entities of Government, he indicated.

Minister Tweah further wondered  what  is responsible  for  those government ministries and Agencies including commissions  that are not meeting  in time with  the procurement processes;    that are causing  serious  delay  in  implementing  those developmental programs.

He urged every head of the government entity,  especially the procurement Directors and Managers to drive the procedure processes of the government, especially in the area of procurement.

“If your boss wants to give you hard time, invite me as Minister of Finance, you as procurement heads are responsible to do the right things in the government” he noted.

Minister Tweah said it is unhealthy  that people will   know the right thing and are not doing it with in the government.

He further said the Ministry of Finance is not going to pay any money   to government ministries and agencies including commissions when they do not meet up with the procurement processes   that will not adhered   to such a legal procedures.

“We should move away with the Liberian way and do the right things,” Minister Tweah indicated.

Minister Tweah further said the Ministry of Finance will not allow any entity to undermine the procurement process and other financial legal processes   to undertake their project.

He  challenged all staff of the various ministries and  agencies and commissions  to work ahead  in meeting  their objectives  through  the procurement processes  to effectively implement  those projects  that will grade  the country governance system.

During the event the Chief Executive Officer of the Public Procurement and Concession Commission Atty. Jargbe Roseline Nagbe-Kowo said  the Government  of  Liberia procurement threshold is around five as a country.

She said  the government can migrate  to have  a better  number within the procurement process   if the right  things  are done by every entity  of the government  by ensuring  the procedure       and apply  it  as a procurement professional  who know what he or she  should know  what  to do  and ensure  that  their bosses adhered  to such procedure .

She urged heads of those procuring entities to apply the procurement laws in the enhancement of the sector among others.

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